Batkid Movie Crowdfunding

Last November the parents of five year old Miles Scott decided on their wish from the Grant A Wish Foundation for their son. Miles loved Batman and the Scott’s wanted him to be Batman for a day. With that in mind the creative folks at the San Francisco Make A Wish Foundation went to work.

They hired actors, and got community support to help little Miles save a damsel in distress, and capture the Penguin and other villains throughout downtown San Francisco.

Make A Wish was hoping a couple hundred people may take their Friday afternoon and help them turn San Francisco into Gotham City, for the pint sized super hero that’s in remission from Leukemia.

What happened next touched the hearts of people worldwide, had many in tears and even got a shot out from President Barrack Obama on Vine.

25,000 people from the bay area showed up to cheer Miles on as he fought crime and defended Gotham City. A local Lamborghini dealer supplied the Batmobile and people across the globe cheered him on.

Here’s just a little snapshot of how Batkid played out across social media:

  • Tweets on Friday: 409,960 with the hashtag #batkid or #SFBatkid
  • 377,048 unique Twitter users tweeted about batkid
  • Mashable’s story on Batkid was shared 125,000 times
  • Batkid was discussed in 117 countries
  • @BarackObama @Instagram @Funnyordie @SportsCenter @PerezHilton and @EnriqueIglesias sent original tweets about Batkid
  • The Make A Wish website saw 1,000 hits per second on Friday
  • 21,683 Instagram photos
  • The photos were reportedly seen 120,439,533 times

Even before the big day, when everyone thought Miles would have a few hundred supporters award winning filmmaker Dana Nachman reached out to the Make A Wish Foundation in hopes that she could find out more and chronicle the experience. Nachman was granted all access to the day and captured the entire experience.

Nachman and her company Moving Train Inc, is turning that footage into a full length documentary. They plan on professional editing, scoring, special effects and more and they’ve taken to Indiegogo to get the job done. At the time this was written, they had already raised over $35,000 in just a few short days. America loves Batkid.

While Miles’ story is an amazing one, and in awe inspiring one, Nachman hopes to leave the viewers wondering one thing, “Did Miles need the world for inspiration?” or “Did the world need Miles?”