Among the hundreds of One Spark creators on display in Jacksonville this week are several health and fitness applications. One of which looks incredibly interesting: Bycle. Though the company is planning on releasing all of the details when One Spark officially begins, this Wednesday, the info that is available for Bycle looks pretty interesting.

Bycle app

Bycle’s One Spark Creator Profile provides a few details about the application:

Bycle is an app + product combo that was designed for bikers and cyclists, and it will bring a revolution on fitness and sharing…We want to be able to grow Bycle as a movement for cyclists around the world to share their rides…Bycle app allows for riders to not only record their activity, but also to record media from their rides. When Bycle is used with our mount it becomes a content creation application for social media. Bycle also works as a platform for friendly rides in groups.1

From what we can gather, it looks as if Bycle is a bike-mount for smartphones, that allows users to follow GPS, as well as record video. This seems like a pretty interesting bicycle-based social network type application. Whatever it turns out to be, we are definitely going to check out Bycle.

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