Late last year as Dell was planning their $25 billion dollar buy back to take the company private, it was widely reported that the company would institute massive layoffs. Many believed that the number of layoffs could be around 15,000 of their 109,000 employees.

recode reported earlier today that those numbers have been greatly exaggerated.

Citing multiple sources, including Dell’s corporate head of communications, David Frink, recode has said that the number of total layoffs is more like 2 or 3,000. With that, most of those would be employees who opted to take a voluntary severance package offered by Dell in December. The cutoff date to apply for that voluntary severance was yesterday.

Recode received a statement from Frink on the layoffs:

“We can confirm that a small percentage of Dell’s global team members accepted the company’s offer of a significant severance package associated with a voluntary separation program,” Frink’s statement says. “We’ve taken steps to optimize our business, streamline operations and improve our efficiency over the past few years. And, like any prudent business, we’ll continue to do so. Meanwhile, we’re hiring in strategic areas of our business, including hardware and software development, engineering and customer coverage worldwide.”

For now it appears that the rest of Dell’s workforce is in the clear.