LEIF-powered-snowboard-topElectric Snowboard Leif

If you’re heavy into snowboarding or maybe you loved snowboarding growing up, there’s nothing more heartwrenching than that last trip home at the end of the season. With your snowboard strapped to the roof of your mom’s station wagon you know it’s going to sit in the garage until the next winter. What if it didn’t have to be that way?

That’s what digital marketing entrepreneur turned co-founder Aaron Aders dealt with every year. That is, until he decided to do something about it and invented LEIF.

with the LEIF snowboard you stop just like you would on a hill

with the LEIF snowboard you stop just like you would on a hill

The idea behind motorized skateboards is nothing new. There are a few great options out there, but true snowboarders (and true skateboarders for that matter) know that the ride is totally different. Plowing down the mountain and riding down the rail of a staircase are fundamentally different.

What if you could snowboard year round. During the summer you could snowboard to work in a t-shirt and shorts, crazy right? Not so much now.

LEIF is a new kind of snowboard that lets you “Snowboard anywhere the concrete leads you – across flat ground or even uphill. Turn your neighborhood’s pavement into powder with LEIF.” Aders says on their kickstarter page.

Fundamentally it operates similarly to an e-skateboard but the wheelbase and mechanical parts are designed to give you a feel that more closely resembles snowboarding rather than skateboarding.

It’s also a great “last mile” vehicle with speeds up to 20mph and a battery capable of going up to 8 miles you can hop on and off the bus or subway and snowboard in between. Then, because of LEIF’s size you can throw it under your desk, credenza or a work closet and charge it up for your commute home. The battery charging system brings you to full in just 60 minutes so you can ride again.

Also with it’s long lasting battery you can set out on a Saturday afternoon and challenge the hills, streets and terrain of any city USA or around the world.

LEIF-Brushless-MotorThe LEIF uses powerful brushless motors that deliver the power you need to go forward, backwards, make sharp turns and even go up hill. It even features a “slide to stop” braking system that provides safe, intuitive stopping power along with a realistic feel. You can also control the power of the LEIF not by pushing like a skateboard but with a wireless remote that fits comfortably around your knuckles.

You can preorder LEIF now for just $1299 and those who go the preorder route will also be invited to participate in LEIF’s community that will help develop the LEIF powered snowboard.

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