We’ve seen some crazy things happen on Twitter. Take the career ending tweets from Justine Sacco for instance. What ended up being a horribly insensitive tweet from a “PR professional”, ended up having the interwebs in a stir for an entire weekend and the perpetrator losing a very high profile job, in PR.

With social networks like Twitter and Facebook, comes a huge amount of responsibility. Especially if you’re the PR head for a major company, a la Sacco, or if you have access to a major corporations Twitter account, like JCPenney.

While the Seattle Seahawks were whipping up on the Denver Broncos, it seems that one of the department store’s social media team members decided to Tweet from whatever Super Bowl party they happened to be at. The problem is, it appears they were intoxicated. The fun and games on JCPenney’s Twitter feed began at 5:48pm eastern time with this tweet:


Then, as the Seahawks scored their first touchdown at 6:20pm eastern JCPenney decided to Tweet this message:


At 6:57pm though, the official JCPenney Twitter feed posted this tweet and said they were tweeting with mittens.


Some believe this was an attempt at crisis social PR after another social media team member realized what was happening. Others think the entire episode was staged to get the company to go viral during the big game. No matter what it was though they got other brands to participate in the fun.

Macy’s tweeted this:


Snickers tweeted this:


and Kia jumped in on the fun as well:



Coors Brewing got into the action, of course:


As did Good Morning America:


In retrospect though the entire JCPenney Twitter saga may have been ore entertaining then the second half of the Super Bowl.