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Full Entrepreneur Interview


TechFaster: Can you just start off and introduce yourself and give me a broad overview.

Amelia: Sure, my name is Amelia Green-Vamos and I’m the CMO of Jebbit. So a lot of people will ask, we have this really intriguing name. What is Jebbit? But I think the more important question is what is the internet without it. I’m sure people have gone to YouTube and Hulu and experienced these pre roll ads. So you’re trying to watch your TV show and this annoying ad comes up, and your first instinct is ” I’m going to ignore this at all costs.” This is online advertising now. Jebbit is a  a new way to think of and to engage with online content. Jebbit is a performance based ad network providing guaranteed engagement to brands and rewarding consumer interaction.

TechFaster: Can you walk me through on how it works from both sides?

Amelia: So brands come to us very often, over 100 of them have worked with us. They will be looking for a way to deliver a type of advertising and message. They will craft questions which we will  then transform into an interactive campaign. It uses their existing web content. The Jebbit technology is a bar that overlays their existing website. On the side of the user, which is primary college students, they’ll come to and they will see these questions as part of a campaign. And they will be rewarded for answering them correctly. The brand gets guaranteed engagement, and as a consumer I get paid for the correct interaction. It’s a fun gamified experience for advertising that is much more mutual.

TechFaster: So for rewards, do you get paid more for harder questions?

Amelia: There’s a correspondence between the type of question and what the reward is. It’s fully customizable by the brand so the brand can select how much they want each question to be worth. There are also bonus questions. This requires taking an action such as submitting an email address, which companies often use for user acquisition.

TechFaster: How are you measuring the returns?

Amelia: Right, it depends certainly on the goals that the brands are looking for. We did an interesting case with one brand we were working with. We wanted to see how Jebbit was providing a more deliverable brand of digital advertising and also how this campaign impacted the future buyer behaviors. What information did the consumers retain? We saw that by viewing a Jebbit campaign about a product, these consumers remembered  specific details such as when it was available for purchase and other product features. In addition we asked them if they took any action, as in if they went to the brand webpage or on Facebook, and saw that a large proportion continued interacting with the brand. Also 60-70% shared this information with their peers, which is really exciting.

Our goal is to take the experience we have on and expand this into other networks, which we are accomplishing with several publishing partners. With these partners we will have an expansive reach of over 18 million unique consumers.  We want to change how brands and consumers view online content, that’s our ultimate vision.

TechFaster: How was the whole TechStars experience?

Amelia: Really good, it’s amazing, just as a team we grew so much with the mentorship we were given. There’s certainly a lot of challenges you face when you have a growing business and a lot of different directions you can go. How do we move it to a scale where everyone can experience it. That was our main mission during Techstars.

TechFaster: I guess that really about wraps it up. Is there anything I didn’t bring up that you want to talk about?

Amelia: I don’t think so. It’s been a really exciting ride. There have been over 1 million questions answered and $100,000 dollars given to college students at It’s been an exciting experience thus far and we’re excited to bring our vision to life.

TechFaster: Thanks so much for taking the time to talk to me.