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For the most part, the whole 3D Printing industry has been focused on niche products and niche industries. However, we just came across a pretty unique Brazilian/Italian startup that is looking to take 3D Printing into the fashion industry: Kobrin. Currently, they have one product for sale, 3D Printed glasses. We had a chance to ask the Kobrin team a few questions:


What does Kobrin do?

Combining artisanship and technology, Kobrin is a marketplace where you can find unique 3D printed products. Each product is designed, 3D printed refined by hand, to reach the best quality.

What problem are you taking on?

We’re reinventing the approach to fashion design and the way how fashion products are made. Thanks to 3D printing we reduce waste at the minimum, being more eco-friendly and involving the customers in the creative process: we allow them to personalise their products. The result is the combination between refined designs created by us and the need of customization of the customers. We’re working to take this “cooperation” to the next level.

How is your product different from what is currently available?

We are the very first company working to create a fashion design brand totally based on 3D printing.

Tell us your founding story. Was there an “ah ha” moment?

Started in Italy, decided to seek for new market opportunities, moved to Brasil to take part to the first round of the first public Brazilian accelerator. We combine innovation and handcrafting to deliver unique products, 3d printed and refined by hand. We built our own factory, equipped with our own printers and refining tools. Our first product are 3D printed sunglasses: light (60grams), resistant, comfortable, equipped with high quality polarized lenses. We also produce portable 3D printed acoustic speakers. Our aim is to become leading brand in the field of 3d printing and design.

Tell us about your founding team and their backgrounds.

Davide Nastasi – Cofounder – Italian, 25, law and economics degree, 3 years in the start up world, alumni at SEED – first brasilian public acceleration program.

Federico Schiano di Pepe – Cofounder – Italian, 26, law and economics degree, 4 years in the start up world, alumi at Start up chile, alumni at SEED.

Filippo Schiano di Pepe – Cofounder – Italian, 30, product designer, 4 years in the start up world, alumi at start up Chile, alumni at SEED.