Although there are a ton of great camera apps out there, there is one feature that has been missing. There is not a camera app on any of the app stores that allow users to change and add filters to video and images in real time. No longer. Today, Looksery launched a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter to bring “face tracking and transformation technology for video chat, video selfies and photos,” to the world.1


The key to Looksery’s real-time editing features is the company’s video and image face tracking technology. Looksery has five different patents pending for this new technology. Essentially, the technology “determines the location and size of a human face, and tracks its facial features and expressions in a very precise manner. The technology also does the traffic optimization for person-to-person video communication.”2 The result is pretty astonishing. While yes, you can apply your basic Instagram-like filters, Looksery has a ton of incredibly unique new filters. The X-Ray effect, for example:


The company currently has a working beta version of the app, but will be using the money raised from Kickstarter to ramp up the build out of the app. As with any app, there are a few bugs that they need to take care of. The Kickstarter campaign looks to raise $30,000. According to their timeline, that would allow them to release the first version of Looksery on iOS sometime in August of this year, with an Android version coming some time in November of this year.


The basic version of Looksery – with 10 preset filters – will be free, bu the company plans to offer a whole bunch of paid filters:

There are 10 presets that you can use in the basic version. They combine several filters together to be used simultaneously. You can make your face look thinner or fatter, change the size of your nose, and the shape of your chin…In addition to the basic set of effects we offer multiple PAID OPTIONS for your choice… There are fun filters, such as 3D avatars or astonishing effects to surprise your friends.3


Looksery is looking to license its core face tracking and face modification technologies to call centers, handset manufacturers, cosmetic companies and telcos. Simply put, the Looksery app is a messenger app with a unique ability to enhance selfies and transfer human emotions through 3D generated avatars. One of the most important, and perhaps the app’s most distinguished feature, is the ability to optimize and provide a new and improved level of video communication.4

Last week, Looksery participated in the quick pitch contest at the Silicon Valley Open Doors Conference, and took home the e Best Innovative Startup Award. It is qute clear that there is a huge interest in such a product, both with investors and consumers. Check out their Kickstarter video below to get a better idea about how the app works: