QuickComet is a pretty interesting platform. In a nutshell, QuickComet is an investment education platform/app with tons and tons of walkthroughs and tutorials. As we said in our One Spark preview on QuickComet, there are currently a ton of different investment platforms, but not many that are solely focused on education. Enter QuickComet.

The investor education platforms that do exist “might help you manage your investments, but they don’t help you understand what you’re investing in. QuickComet is all about teaching people how to understand companies as good investments or bad investments.”1 The goal of the detailed education provided by QuickComet is twofold: the company strives to eliminate the ‘tips’ users may randomly hear, and replace them an informed understanding. Secondly, QuickComet want to educate users to eleminate the gambling aspect of investing:

When you learn how to spot high-quality companies at good prices, you are investing…not gambling. Value investing over the long-term can put you and your family on the path of financial security. Buy the house of your dreams, purchase that new car, or build your child’s college fund. With QuickComet, you can use our analysis tools to find great value investment opportunities. Moreover, you can share your investment ideas with the community, and collaborate with other investors just like you!2

We had a chance to speak with Yves Sukhu, the founder of QuickComet, during One Spark 2014. Yves told us a bit more about the idea behind QuickComet, and how the platform actually works:

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