runbelltopWe’ve seen a trend in safety products for runners. While there are all kinds of different safety device laden phone cases, GPS apps and apps that send text messages to loved ones, the best safety devices we’ve seen for runners have been more on the low tech side. Take the Run Safety for instance, it’s not that high tech but it certainly is a powerful safety tool.

Now another new Kickstarter project called Runbell is looking to make jogging or running a little more courteous.

Typically joggers and runners have one thing in common, and that’s headphones. Runners seem to pay a lot of attention to what’s in front of them but sometimes miss accidents waiting to happen, or people that may get in their way, simply because they have their earbuds in. While we wouldn’t expect all runners to just up and stop listening to music, here has to be a good way to let people in their surrounding area know they are there.

That’s where Runbell comes in.

Runbell is exactly what it sounds like, a bell for runners. It’s like a bicycle bell for running. The creators bill it as “frustration free running”.

runbell-1The creators have used brass bells to create a bell that is more durable and provides a better sound than aluminum bells which are usually found in cheaper bicycle bells.

“Most bells on the market are made from aluminium, which is cheaper. Would a musician opt for an aluminium instrument over brass? Of course not and neither do we. No other material can match brass for its quality of sound.” Kevin Nadolny said on his Kickstarter page. 

In addition to the brass bells all of the Runbells are made of quality nickel free metal to insure they’re allergy free.

The featherlight bell comes in a mens and womens version and fits around the knuckles so it’s always with the runner. The device fits snuggly around the index and middle finger with a spring like button at the tip of the users thumb, making it easy for someone to quickly ring the bell to warn oncoming passerbys that there is someone running their way.

You can preorder a Runbell here on their Kickstarter page. At press time they’ve raised over $7,000 of their $20,000 goal.