One of the biggest problems facing the enterprise is that of mobility. Most large-scale companies use massive “packaged on-premise applications, cloud-based applications, or custom-built systems” to run their business.1 These applications, although incredibly useful on a PC or Mac, are difficult to use when mobile. However, StarMobile solves this problem. We had a chance to speak with the StarMobile reps at the Advanced Technology Development Center (ATDC) Technology Showcase on Thursday.

StarMobile problemStarMobile takes a unique approach to enterprise mobilization. Rather than building an entirely new mobile application, StarMobile can “take your current enterprise applications and extend them to users on any mobile device, and we do that at 5% to 20% of the cost and time of any other solution.”2 Current enterprise mobility solutions require intrusive and demanding resources:

  • Changes to your existing applications,
  • Re-licensing of applications you already own,
  • New security,
  • New interfaces on the back-end and the front-end,
  • Custom development of multiple apps across multiple platforms,
  • The need for exotic skills to implement, maintain and support everything,
  • And the need to re-create your existing investment in use cases.3

StarMobile solves this by, essentially, building out a mobile interface for existing enterprise applications:

StarMobile directly leverages your investment in existing applications without having to “re-create” them for each mobile device platform. Any changes made to the existing enterprise application flow seamlessly to the mobile app without any intervention. New features can be added to the mobile app in minutes without re-development or the need to push updates through app stores or via MDM.

Users access enterprise applications using their existing single sign-on, and StarMobile can easily integrate with your Active Directory. StarMobile requires only a one-time client download (or no download with HTML5) for any number of applications mobilized.4

We had a chance to speak with the StarMobile team at the ATDC Tech Showcase, where we learned a bit more about their process: