TiLoTAGtopWhere were you when you proposed to your husband or wife? Were you at a special restaurant? Were you where you had your first day? Were you in New York City? Maybe you were in Miami? Wherever it was it was probably very special. You may have pics, instagrams or videos but what if you could leave a text message that would stay there forever?

Imagine you and your spouse are now fully grown and have kids of your own and it’s one of their turns to get engaged. Imagine if they went to the same spot where you popped the question and a message was waiting for them.

That’s just one of the advantages to the technology packed into a new app called TiLo Tag.

Ray Briant, the man behind TiLo Tag, was inspired to create the app by his teenage son who is a major history buff. Briant fantasized about what they may learn if technology like TiLo Tag was around years ago. What kind of messages would these historical figures have left for the future.

TiLo Tag stands for time, location tagging.

The way it works is simple, yet sophisticated. Anyone who downloads the TiLo Tag app can see the public TiLo Tag messages. There’s a private side as well though so if you wanted to leave personal messages for friends and family you can do that as well.

So why would you want to TiLo Tag?

  • Leave messages for friends and family to tell them something special about a certain location
  • Leave tips for visitors of the location
  • Scavenger hunt and geo-games
  • Leave reminders for someone else

The possibilities are endless with TiLo Tag and the entire app puts a new spin on messaging and adds an exciting new level of interaction.

Interested in beta testing this exciting new way of messaging, you can sign up for the Beta here.

TiLo Tag is one of those apps that once you get it, it makes perfect sense. Support TiLo Tag on Kickstarter here.