TRAX1Sometimes I can’t believe what a busy life my six year old daughter lives. Between school, library club, girl scouts, three sets of grandparents, and friends she’s definitely a socialite. Now I know I’m a great parent but having the ability to track my daughter on my smartphone would give me an even better piece of mind.

We live in an incredibly safe city, one of the safest in America. My daughter has the same set of friends that she’s had, basically since she was born and all of them have equally responsible parents and older siblings. But 2014 is hardly like the late 80’s and 90’s when I was growing up. Long gone are the days that we could wake up at 8am before our parents, scribble a note on the kitchen table and hop on our bikes until dark. But even being uber cautious in what my daughter does, the ability to track her on my smartphone would give me an even better piece of mind.

Trax3-smAnd then there’s the dog. A nearly two year old boxer who’s the sweetest, cuddliest and most playful dog in the world. He knows exactly where he lives and we always walk him on a leash. But because he’s so nice our neighbors aren’t the least bit afraid of him and the couple of times he has snuck out of the house sent my head (and heart) into a tail spin. Of course he came right back but what if he decided to take a leisurely stroll by the creek. Having the ability to track our family dog on my smartphone would give me an even better piece of mind.

Lucky for me (and for you) there’s Trax. Trax is a new GPS tracking device designed to help track kids and pets. The device is small, light weight and very easy to use.

The Trax device comes with wireless service already installed and running when you purchase it. In fact two years of the wireless service are included. It also has a GPS chip inside which means you bounceit-CESdon’t need to be in any certain proximity to the device to get the full benefits. It shows you on it’s app where your child or dog is. It’s as simple as that.

To maximize it’s efficiency there are sensors in the device that know when it’s moving and when it’s not. It easily wakes up and resyncs with the GPS satellite as soon as it senses motion. This means when my daughter is stationary it’s not draining the battery. That gives it a battery life of 2-4 days.

The best part is that it’s only $199 with the wireless service included.

 Other Trax features include:

·   Durable and waterproof silicone case that withstands drops, water, mud, snow, and other environmental factors

·   Smart technology that sends push alerts when a child or pet leaves a designated area, the battery is low, or the device is dropped or exceeds a pre-determined speed

·   App featuring real-time tracking, safe zones, and augmented reality

·   Unlimited and time-scheduled safe zones (for example, one safe zone can be activated while a child is at school and a different zone when a child is at a park)

·   Ability to give access to others during a specific period of time (for example, when a dog is with a dog walker or when a child is with a nanny)

·   Long battery life that lasts 2-4 days on average with a single charge

We got a chance to talk with Trax CEO Mikael Karlsson at CES. Check out the video below.

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