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It is no secret that the Windows Phone App store is pretty barren. Sure, you have all of the standard Facebook’s and Twitter’s, but there is an incredible distance between the sort of selection you find on the Google Play Store or iTunes App Store. While the selection is sparse, the market share of Windows Phone is growing. Perhaps as a signal of this growth, one highly requested app just hit the Windows Phone App Store: Uber.

Uber Logo


Until now, Windows Phone users were forced to access Uber through their mobile browser. No More! Now, Uber finally has a dedicated Windows Phone App. Perhaps the most important part of this news is the fact that the Windows Phone app works on both Windows Phone 8 and Windows Phone 8.1.

The availability of the Uber app – in more than 150 cities and in 41 countries – and the international adoption of the Windows Phone means that we can connect with the Windows Phone community like never before.

Windows Phone, your Uber has arrived.1

Further, the company hinted at some sort of promotion over the coming weeks: “We will be rolling into select cities over the coming weeks to celebrate the release of Uber for Windows Phone so stay tuned!”2

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