VertiThe internet of things explosion continued at OneSpark. We saw several different creator projects that would fit into the wide net of “internet of things”. One of those things was Miami based company Verti Labs and their Verti Bluetooth finder.

There are several other Bluetooth finders around today. You can find some on the market today like Tile and there are others coming down the pipeline, like one from Nokia. But that’s not stopping Luke Thomas from pushing Verti to the next level.

He admitted that there are others in the space “Tile has a much bigger war chest right now, but we’re going to change that” Thomas told us in an interview. That war chest, including funding, has meant that Tile is already on the market fo r$19.

There are several other Bluetooth finder products on Kickstarter, Indiegogo and waiting in the wings.

Thomas is an engineer in the armed forces. His area of expertise includes mesh networks, Bluetooth and communication. He’s applied that background to launching a device that is barely larger than a quarter and serves as a finding device, beacon device, motion detection device and even a device that can tell when you’re too far apart from it. The same idea behind another creator we saw at OneSpark, NeverWander.

Thomas tells us that social features baked into the Verti device along with a button that could be used for various things, including waking your phone up out of a sleep mode, will be key differentiators between his device and Tile. We’ve all been there, we misplace our phone in the house, office or nearby and can’t find it. The button on the Verti when paired with the phone, will actually wake it up, even if you have the ringer turned to vibrate with an audible tone.

Verti is also a social lost and found. Thomas expects Verti to catch on like wildfire and when it does there will be enough devices in the world to tell where those misplaced things are. If someone finds your Verti equipped things they can push a button which will plot it’s GPS location.

Are these all features that could easily be implemented in Tile or other products? That’s a possibility, but for now this soldier is marching on.

Find out more about Verti here.