Wimble-TeamIt’s very possible that the group of developers and entrepreneurs behind the Wimble App could be the next big thing in Finland. Finland is no joke when it comes to mobile, games and process. Some of their biggest eduprotect-indiegogohits have included Nokia, as the hands down leader of the wireless pre-smartphone boom, and Rovio the brilliant team behind Angry Birds. While at this point you may love or hate Angry Birds, there’s no doubt that you know what it is, and chances are you’ve played it.

The Wimble App is a new app that promises to help users get more done through a social motivation network and gamifying your to-do list.

Maybe it’s just their nature or maybe it’s their culture but if you’ve ever been fortunate enough to tour Finland you would see that most people are genuinely excited about what the next person is working on. Conquering a new sales presentation, successfully organizing a large meeting, or even completing a large, menial, data task are causes for mini celebrations, or at least high fives. Much the same way we cheer on friends, family members and co-workers as they lose a couple pounds, play a good game of basketball or bike that extra mile.

WimbleApp-33Wimble takes those high fives and that encouragement and turns them into rankable actions. Trying to start your day 30 minutes earlier, your Wimble network will cheer you on as you conquer that goal. Working on a big report for the boss, co-workers and family members may give you high fives as you complete it. All this translates to points, thus becoming the master of your own game of life.

The developers behind Wimble are in the midst of creating a robust feature packed app that does all this, and also proves to be an amazing task manager and to-do list. Once completed they’ll add a web component and a Wimble community.

Sure there are team work and collaborative apps out there, but the saying goes “together we get more done” and with the Wimble app we can make sure, even if it’s individual work and goals, it still gets done “together”.

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