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It is no secret that the Raspberry Pi has been one of the most influential products of the last couple of years. There are all sorts of applications. The Raspberry Pi can power a huge variety of products, from robots, to audio systems, even cameras. While these are incredibly interesting products, the Raspberry Pi on its own is pretty remarkable. Today, there are a ton of different add-ons and auxiliary components. That said, we may have just come across the most useful one yet, the 1080Pi:


The 1080Pi is, “a FULL HD 10 inch LCD touch screen with a controller board and a number of additional features. We called it 1080Pi because it works with Raspberry Pi and can play 1080p videos in their native resolution.”1 The 1080Pi is much more than just a screen, however. Here is the full list of features:

Amongst others we included a set of tactile switches attached to GPIOs so the users can program their own functions. We have added an I2C GPIO expander giving you 16 more GPIOS. Out of these 16 extra GPIOs there is 4 open drain ones with high current sinking capability (3A !!). You can use them to drive electric motors or other more power hungry devices. We have also mirrored Raspberry Pi’s main connector so you can attach most of the available Raspberry Pi compatible add-ons. Last but not the least the 1080Pi is fully compatible with the latest RPi B+ and features an ID EEPROM enabling you to configure your Pi at start-up without user’s intervention.2

1080Pi InamgeThe company behind the 1080Pi, Inti Innovations, has taken to Kickstarter to fun the project. You can pre-order the 1080Pi Kit for £99, making it pretty affordable. The company also has plans to make a 5 inch – 800×480, 24bit – screen in the near future. Here is a quick look at the 1080Pi:

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