Actvcontent Family Wearable

We have seen a lot of safety trackers lately. That said, they have mostly been just that, safety trackers. However, we just caught wind of a new Indiegogo project that is launching later this week that looks to make the safety tracker more than just a one-hit-wonder. This is Sync from ActvContent:


The Sync is both a safety tracker and a health/fitness tracker. According to the ActvContent:

ActvContent Sync is the first all-in-one health, safety, and fitness Smartband. Sync can monitor your family’s fitness, sleeping habits, and your loved one’s location. Our app also lets friends, caregivers, and others in your community to connect with Sync and retrieve vital information in case of emergency.1


This is a great approach to both the safety and fitness tracking markets. So often these are thought about as being distinct from one another. Why not combine the two.

Features like digital zone and locate actively monitor a child’s location and alert parents if their children wander too far. Sleep Tracker and Fitness Tracker allow the whole family to monitor their health, activity and set fitness goals together. Sync’s Health Keeper feature stores guardian contact and critical health information securely accessible by caregivers, teachers and others in case of emergency.2

With an MSRP of $129 – early bird pricing on Indiegogo is at $69 – the Sync would be either an incredibly affordable fitness or safety tracker, but it combines both. Check out their Indiegogo Campaign, and have a look at the video below: