Android Auto, Car Play

During Google’s marathon keynote address on say one of I/O, the company announced a ton of new products. Of these products, one of the most innovative has to be Android Auto. Essentially, Android Auto is like Google Now, but for the car. Android Auto takes all of the best parts of Android, and converts them into a quick, easy to use form factor, built specifically for the car. Android Auto works very much like an extension of your phone, bringing all of the most useful information into an in-dash system.

Android Auto image

Just connect your Android phone to a car with Android Auto, and you’ll have what you need at your fingertips such as turn-by-turn navigation from Google Maps, your curated playlists and radio stations through Play Music, simple-to-use voice search, and reminders from Google Now. This is accessible through your car’s controls, and more importantly, is far safer than fumbling around with your phone. You’ll start to see Android Auto in cars later this year.1

Android Auto HUD

The easiest way to think about Android Auto is to imagine it as a sort of second screen for your phone. Simply plug your Android device into the car, and boom, you are ready to go. And, just like Google Now, “Android Auto automatically brings you useful information, and organizes it into simple cards that appear just when they’re needed.”2

Android Auto PArtners

Google has already lined up a ton of partners for Android Auto. Look for Android Auto to be incorporated into cars within the year. Here is a quick video overview of Android Auto:

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