Aquanta Smart Water Heater

When you go away for a couple of weeks on vacation do you ever think to turn your water heater off? That little step could actually save you some bucks the next time you go on vacation. If no one is going to be taking hot showers, washing dishes or washing clothes there’s no reason to have the hot water heater heating up water is there?

What if you are one of those people that does turn the hot water heater off when you go away but sometimes you forget to turn it back on. That first shower on your first day back to work can be an eye opening experience

Aquanta is cool technology for hot water that turns your existing hot water heater into a smart hot water heater.

Aquanta-AppshotAquanta can schedule your hot water heater to turn on and off base on your usage habits. It also allows you to turn your hot water heater on and off remotely via the Aquanta app anywhere you are with internet access.

“Aquanta will give you unprecedented insight into your water heating energy and hot water use, alert you to maintenance issues, and enable its control – right from your smart device or home networking platform. the company says on their Kickstarter page. 

More importantly if you’re already getting connected into the internet of things and the smart home than you can see where Aquanta fits right into your life along with your Nest, your smart home controller, your VUE lights and more. Aquanta makes it possible to add your water heater into your smart home mix.

Aquanta-2If you’ve ever:

  • Been mad at your teenagers for those 30 minute showers? 
  • Forgotten to turn off your water heater when leaving for vacation?
  • Been stuck with a cold shower while the relatives are in town?
  • Had your floor ruined when your water heater leaked?
  • Been unhappily surprised by your energy bill?
  • Wondered why the water heater hasn’t been included in the smart home???

Then you need to check out Aquanta.