AudioJacket-TopNew jacket blends style with convenience, functionality and your favorite jams.

A new company has taken to Kickstarter to launch the next generation of tech jacket, appropriately called the Audio Jacket.

The jacket features earbuds, speakers, a microphone and control button that allows you to control your phone. listen to your music, and take your calls through the jacket itself. This combines function, style and performance and allows people with an active lifestyle to have an audio system with them for their phone at all times.

Their Kickstarter page shows off the Audio Jacket in a variety of styles. There are even designs for his and hers. The system is extremely easy to use, just plug your phone into the cord in the pocket and voila your Audio Jacket system is running.

AudioJacket-OverviewFeatures Include:

  • Earbuds in hidden zipper pockets
  • embedded washable speakers in the collar area
  • swap button which switches between earbuds and speakers
  • built in microphone for calls and voice activated controlling
  • Muti-function button for playing music and answering/hanging up on calls

The folks behind Audio Jacket have even created an Audio T-shirt and an Audio Polo Shirt so no matter what your style or what you’re doing you have an audio jacket that is good in every situation.

The best part is the warmest jacket starts at just $89.

You can find out more about Audio Jacket here.