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The Science Of Packaging Tech Products Better And Faster

Technology makes gadgets, devices, and instruments that improve the end-user's experience. Surgeons need razor sharp scalpels, businesses need reliable mobile devices, and teachers need slide projectors for their classroom lectures. Inventing, manufacturing, and distributing these products to market keep the wheels of industry turning smoothly. While inventing, making, and marketing may take up the bulk [...]

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An inside look in the latest gaming technology

There is always a good reason to enjoy and play Royal Vegas casino games online. American as well as European fans are excited about the changes that are happening right now in online casino games. It's not just about the game itself such as slots, black jack or roulette. Today, the technological advancements also play [...]

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How Random Number Generators are used for online roulette

Roulette has always been a game that relies on chance, so now that the majority of roulette is played online, how is that element of chance accounted for? As with most online casino games roulette uses the Random Number Generator (RNG) system. RNG makes online games of chance such as roulette and slots authentic. When [...]

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Clever Uses for the New NOOK

If you’ve recently picked up a new Samsung Tab 4 NOOK, you’re probably excited about the prospects of this eReader/tablet combination device. While the NOOK is designed with reading in mind, as a Samsung device it’s also optimized for battery life, processing speed and more, making it possible to use for any number of alternative [...]

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Six Reasons Small Businesses Should Consider Outsourcing IT Needs

It goes without saying that if you’re planning to run a successful business in this digital age, you will need to rely heavily on the use of information technology. Without the fastest, securest, most reliable IT system in place, businesses of all sizes stand to fall by the wayside to the competition. However, unlike major [...]

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Kajeet: At-Home Educational Broadband for Students

Last year at ISTE, one of our favorite companies was Kajeet. While they do have a great product, or interest in the company has much more to do with their mission. Kajeet is on a mission to offer educators - be it an individual teacher, a school, or even a school district - a means [...]

Osmo: Incorporating real-world objects into gaming

One of the things that we were most looking forward to seeing at FETC was Osmo. It not only met our expectations, but easily exceeded them. In a nutshell, Osmo is a gaming accessory/add-on for the iPad. The Osmo system blends the real-world with the digital world in 3 different exciting games: Each Osmo kit [...]

Izon View: an inexpensive and effective monitoring tool

Ever wanted to feel that your home was more secure, know when your baby was up, or when your kids get home from school when you’re not around? Want to get view a video of what just happened without paying a monthly recording fee? If any of these things sound appealing to you, a Izon [...]

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Lightning Grader: Grading Made Lightning Fast

Throughout the course of the last year or so - during our visits to FETC last year, AETC, ISTE, and NAESP - we have spoken with hundreds of teachers and administrators. We make it a point to ask these educators what they need and what is wrong with the education industry right now. As you [...]

Imprint Energy: Revolutionizing Wearables with Printed Batteries

As wearabes and other small devices are growing in popularity, the problem of power has taken center stage. As it stands right now, battery life is the number one factor limiting wearables. Batteries are the single largest and bulkiest component of every single wearable on the market right now. Thus, companies are forced to decide between [...]