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You Should be Attending Networking Events

If you’re a startup, you should be attending or hosting networking events. These events are designed to increase your visibility, and help you form potentially profitable relationships. Plus, the keynote speakers will introduce you to new trends, and provide you with valuable information to expand your business. Why You Should Attend Networking Events When First [...]

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Odds and Ends: ZTE Dunkers and a Parrot Drone Show

Every year, there are a ton of great new products at the International CES. This year was no exception. From the ZTE, to LG, to Parrot booths, it seems like everywhere we went, there was something mind-blowing. This is great, and is the whole reason for CES. However, for those of us who are there to cover [...]

Parrot Showed off Its New eBee Drone at CES

Much like last year, there were a ton of drones on display at the 2015 International CES. And, again, much like last year, Parrot is leading the way. While Parrot does have a bunch of different quad-copter type drones, which are far and away their most popular, it was a different type of drone that [...]

Project Ara Modular Phone Beta to be Released in Puerto Rico This Year

Earlier this week, Google held the second annual Project Ara Developers Conference. Project Ara, if you have not heard of it, is Google's modular smart phone project. In a nutshell, Ara is a 100% customizable smartphone hardware platform. Not only can you pick and choose what features you want on the phone, but the colors and [...]

FLYR: Use Big Data to Find the Best Plane Ticket Price

   As anyone who has ever had to buy plane tickets online can tell you, it is a pain in the ass. There are so many minute factors that can affect the price of said ticket dramatically. We just came across a new data science company that looks to give users a leg up on [...]

ZTE and Cricket Debut the Grand X Max+ at CES

We said it yesterday, but I'll say it again today: the most interesting booth at the 2015 International CES, as a whole, was the ZTE booth. There was a footnote to that statement, and I'll put that here as well.CES is full of wild and futuristic products. A great majority of these will never be available [...]

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Dreamworld in the Candy Crush Saga

Dreamworld was an extra addition that King added to the Candy Crush Saga and it provided you with another Candy Crush path, but with a twist! This world will only become available to you once Level 50 has been reached and that’s when you can meet Odus the Owl and find out what this world [...]

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The Parrot Pot: Parrot Further Idiot-Proofs Gardening

Parrot is always one of our favorite booths at the International CES. Beyond the drones, which are awesome by the way, Parrot has developed a line of connected plant sensors that allow you to monitor the health of your flowers and plants. Last year at CES, we took a close look at the Parrot Flower [...]

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Logitech To Show Off Educational Products at FETC 2015

With CES out of the way it's once again time for educational conference season. The Florida Educational Technology Conference, one of the top five education technology conferences in the country, kicks off next week in Orlando Florida. Many companies who spent last week on their feet at the Las Vegas Convention Center for CES, have [...]

Spro 2: A Badass New Smart Projector from ZTE

There were a lot of great things at the 2015 International CES. That said, these great things were more or less scattered throughout the entire convention. A few things here, a few things there. However, the most interesting booth, as a whole, was the ZTE booth.Before we get into the Spro 2, I want to [...]