BlackberryBES10FierceWireless reported on Wednesday that Blackberry is pulling out all the stops to get people to upgrade from whatever Blackberry product or service that they are running, to BlackBerry Enterprise Service 10 platform.

For those not in the know BES10 is the platform used by their newest line of phones (now about two years old) which include the Z10, Q10 and Z30.

Verizon Wireless has teamed up with Blackberry to offer $150 per line in bill credits when enterprises upgrade their legacy devices to the new Blackberry 10 and BES 10. For companies/enterprises with 1000 lines that could mean $150,000 in bill credits.

Those credits can be used on their Verizon bills, Blackberry technical support services, BlackBerry Messenger Protected or other enterprise services.

“BlackBerry is also offering free licenses and free technical support through Jan. 31, 2015, to enterprises that switch to BES 10. The video also touted BlackBerry’s “EZ Pass” program, which lets customers move from BES and other mobile device management platforms to BES 10. For existing BlackBerry customers, the EZ Pass program matches any active existing on-premise BES license and any active license customers may have from other MDM vendors with a corresponding Silver BES 10 perpetual license, though terms and conditions apply. Customers will also receive free Advantage level technical support with their new license.” FierceWireles reported. 

Blackberry has been struggling to hold onto whatever customer base they have left. Just three short years ago they were still winning in the enterprise market because of their encryption capabilities and Blackberry Enterprise Server. Also in companies that supplied 1:1 devices for their employees Blackberry was often the device of choice. Nowadays more and more companies are switching to BYOD protocols or (Bring Your Own Device), with the majority of those devices of course being iPhones and Androids.