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As software development has quickly adapted to the agile methodology, the project management tools have struggled to keep up. Many are still bulky and somewhat difficult to use. We just came across what is, arguably, the best choice for agile project management: Blossom. The results speak for themselves. Blossom is used at: Facebook, Twitter, Spotify, Netflix & Apple. Quite a client list. We had a chance to ask the team a few questions about their project management platform:


What is Blossom?

Blossom is a super lightweight project management tool for software developers.

Managing software projects is really complicated so we’ve built Blossom in a way takes the noise out of managing software development. Blossom does all it can to get out of your way. You can even stay in your code base and update your project status from there.

We’re integrating tightly with Slack, Flowdock, Hipchat and Github and we’re working on adding more services over time. Let us know if there are certain integrations you are looking forward to.

Why did you build Blossom? What made you take on the saturated project management market?

Software is shipped continuously now, not in “Sprints” .
Stand-up meetings no longer work, teams are distributed.

Yet all dominant project management tools & methodologies fail to acknowledge this.

Actually the last thing we wanted to do initially was to build a project management tool. We were desperately begged for others to do it for us (provided feedback, met up in person etc).

After some time we got emotionally so invested and frustrated that we said — ok we’ll be creating software for many many years into the future so let’s take it in our own hands. Worst case: we get a decent project management tool for ourselves and regain some sanity.

How is Blossom different from what is currently available?

Blossom is as simple as Trello and built for people who work on software projects.

We tightly integrate with Github feature branches & pull requests.

No need to reference ticket ids in commit messages all the time. You can stay in your code base, get stuff done. Your project status in Blossom gets updated automatically.

Nice side-effect: whoever wakes up hours later on another continent can get up to speed and see what happened in the meantime with a single glance at a Blossom board.

Tell us your founding story. Was there an “ah ha” moment?

We have been building stuff for as long as we can think. From tiny sandcastles to high traffic facebook applications. During the past few years we felt that no project management tool out there did fit the way we were working. After bumping into a ton of people who felt the same we decided to do something about it.