pro2-deviceThere are many products, that when introduced to the world are called “game changing” or “life changing”. Those are big shoes to fill, but Pro2 actually delivers. Pro2 is a unique pocket sized device that helps people easily train their breathing muscles so they can be more active without losing their breath. The device has already been developed by a company with decades of experience in the consumer and medical device arena.

In this world of connected devices, Pro2 also connects to an app that helps people track their progress on a very easy breathing fitness regimen that allows people to “exercise” sitting down on their couch, in bed or even at their desk at the office.

Many people don’t realize just how effective training your breathing muscles can be. Luckily we don’t have to think about breathing so we don’t think about breathing training, but if you’ve ever gotten winded going up a flight of stairs or doing something that you used to do with ease you may want to check out Pro2.

The company has already received some great results. Professional and college athletes who’ve used their earlier RT2 desktop device have praised the technology and the easy way to exercise.

But what about casual athletes, and non athletes?

Matin Pounder, an injured cyclist worked with Ken Chatham one of the co-developers of the RT2 system. During his rehab Pounder went from being unable to climb stairs, to running up stairs and then returned to cycling. A patient on a ventilator after a lifetime of smoking, doubled her breathing power in just 3 weeks. A wheel chair user went from struggling to go shopping, to attending all night raves.

Here are some real benefits you’ll see with Pro2

  • More energy for grocery shopping, household chores or yard work
  • Exercise = more energy
  • Relieve stress
  • Improve Mood
  • Climb stairs with less effort
  • Energy to play with your kids
  • Energy for outdoor activities, like hiking or biking with family
  • Sleep better
  • Improve endurance & sex life

Check out their video here:

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