While we were waling through the Advanced Technology Development Center (ATDC) Technology Showcase yesterday, the Buzzy booth caught my eye. I couldn’t put my finger on why. It was not until I sat down to write this piece that it hit me. Buzzy was featured on ABC’s ‘Shark Tank’ back in February.1

Anyhow, Buzzy is an incredibly unique product. Buzzy, “is an award-winning physiologic pain blocker. Using cold and vibration, Buzzy is proven to naturally block unpleasant sensations on contact.”2 But how does it work? How can vibrations and cold temperature reduce pain?

Buzzy uses a combination of vibration and cold temperature (“Gate Control”) as the basis for its pain control technology. This natural pain relief blocks the body’s sharp pain nerves and distracts attention away from the poke, dulling or eliminating sharp pain. In the same way that rubbing a bumped elbow helps stop the hurt, or cool running water soothes a burn, Buzzy blocks sharp pain sensations.3

These are not just claims, Buzzy has undergone several clinical trials. All of these trials, as well as a large amount of independent research, have shown that Buzzy provides a significant amount of pain relief. Trials show that Buzzy can trigger up to a “69% reduction in pain “4

Below is our chat with Dr. Amy Baxter, the founder of Buzzy, from the ATDC Tech Showcase:

  1. Here is a link to ABC’s Shark Tank page where you can watch Buzzy’s pitch.  
  2. Buzzy Home Page  
  3. Buzzy Press Kit (PDF)   
  4. Buzzy Research