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There are a ton of online tools out there. That said, there seems to be a major shortage of tools for non-profits and other charitable organizations. However, we just came across an incredibly interesting platform aimed at non-profits. Campaigneurs is a Swedish company that has taken a unique approach to connecting non-profits and the business world. We had a chance to ask the Campaigneurs team a few questions about their new platfrom:


What is Campaigneurs?

No more cold calling – Campaigneurs is the short cut to long-term partnerships and collaborations for nonprofits and businesses looking for friends across the aisle. Campaigneurs was created for development professionals who are tired of rushing to find the right funding and resources for their nonprofits as well as for business professionals who are frustrated with nonprofits that don’t understand the business side of a social investment. We help you stop wasting time and resources by letting you find your perfect match – a business or nonprofit who understand your values and goals. We are determined to help businesses and and nonprofits experience all the benefits of mutual collaborations. And remember: it’s not the size of your wallet that counts.

 Why did you build Campaigneurs?

Sustainable collaborations between the businesses and nonprofits lead to a better world. Businesses who partner with the right nonprofits get a return on their social investment that let’s them contribute more, again and again. Nonprofits need predictability and security when it comes to resources for their projects. In starting the right collaborations they can easily develop long-term partnerships that benefit the organization as well as all the people it serves.

How is Campaigneurs different from what is currently available?

We are changing the way businesses and nonprofits find partners for funding, social investments, board members and lots more. Our mission is to get as many businesses and nonprofits as possible to collaborate in order to do more good together. Our matchmaking platform is the first of its kind directed towards nonprofit and business collaborations.

Tell us your founding story. Was there an “ah ha” moment?

Finding the right partners for collaboration is often a difficult process for both nonprofits and businesses, especially for the small to medium size ones. They have very different views on a what they want to get out of a partnership. Both start out looking for reputable organizations, but get lost in a sea of reviews and feedback. Those who do find good candidates on their own are often at a loss on how to proceed and cannot figure out from the outward appearance or the information on the Internet if their potential partner is open for collaboration proposals. This whole process is very time consuming and the outcome is uncertain – it may lead to a one time collaboration where the time and effort put in do match the outcome. It may lead to bad press or it may be a success.

Campaigneurs was created in order to minimize the waste of time and resources. Businesses and nonprofits can easily find potential partners that match their values, their preferred methods of collaboration as well as their goals. They know for sure that all the matches they find are actively looking for partnerships and all the cold calling can come to and end. With one single click they can get in touch and start discussing future joint collaborations.

Tell us about your founding team and their backgrounds.

Janet Alexandersson is the founder of Campaigneurs. She is a Swedish human rights lawyer as well as a marketing professional. She has experience working as development professional in the nonprofit industry and a marketing manager in the for-profit world.