The Ultimate Guide to Driving More Traffic to Your Site Through Content

By Matt Cowart As a young company, getting people to notice you is one of the most pressing challenges. It often feels like you’re trying to win a popularity contest — not for vanity’s sake, but because getting more visitors to your website leads to more opportunities to make sales and gain subscribers, referrals, and [...]

GetSmily: Get User Feedback Quickly And Easily

  User feedback is a great tool for any business. However, online companies have a hard time getting this feedback. That said, we just came across a new company that makes it incredibly easy to get user feedback: GetSmily. We had a chance to ask the team a few questions about their new software: GetSmily [...]

Rumors Have Xiamoi Set To Launch New Dual Curved Edge Phone

Earlier this year, Samsung released the Galaxy Note Edge, the worlds first phone that featured a rounded display. The rounded display, however, was only on one side of the device. Not to be outdone, Gizmochina is reporting that Xiaomi is set to release a phone that features two rounded edges: A new device claiming to be [...]

Kodak to Unveil Smartphone at 2015 CES

In today's strange news, Kodak is planning on making some major product releases at the upcoming 2015 Consumer Electronics Show. In the top of this list of products is, you guessed it, an Android smartphone. Beyond the Android device, there are a few other products. As this article will focus on the phone, lets get [...]

Microsoft Building a New, Lightweight, Speedy Browser

According to a new report from ZDNet's Mary Jo Foley, Microsoft is preparing a new browser as part of its Windows 10 push. The new browser, dubbed IE Spartan, will look and feel a lot like Chrome and Firefox, supporting plugins and opting for a much lighter build than Internet Explorer. However, according to Foley, this [...]

Here Are The Most Popular Christmas Gifts In Most American Cities

Google has released a lot of geo-located data over the past year. You could see for instance what cookies were the favorite of each state, what toys were hot in each state and so on and so forth. Now Google has compiled the data on what the most popular gifts were for some of the [...]

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This Christmas Eve Not A PSN or Xbox Live Is Stirring Thanks To Lizard Squid

So you just weren't content with going to bed, you had to stay up all night and get one last hoorah on the game system and games you already have tied to your Play Station Network account or your Xbox Live Account. It's apparent you were going to try and catch Santa Claus mid stream [...]

CES 2015 Preview: JVC To Release 20 New Receivers In 2015

dCar Audio has seen a resurgence of life thanks to new technologies like bluetooth, wifi, Car Play, in-car wifi and much more. Long gone are the days when a new head unit meant a new CD player or a more powerful FM Radio, heck even HD Radio has gone out of style, quicker than it [...]

Xiaomi Raises $1B Round on a Valuation of $45B

Xiaomi - a Chinese smartphone manufacturer - just raised a whopping $1 billion round of funding. While that alone is quite significant, the valuation is the real surprise. The $1 billion round was raised with a valuation north of $45 billion. This essentially makes Xiaomi one of the most valuable startups: That makes it one of the [...]

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Sony to Release Google Glass Competitor at CES

Sony just announced one of the products it will be showing off at the upcoming 2015 Consumer Electronics Show, and it is pretty surprising. Sony has made a bet on a Google Glass type wearable. But Sony's device has a little twist, it clips on to existing eye-ware. This is Sony's Single-Lens Display Module: The clip [...]