– Get in and Stay in Compliance With Spam Regulations [ATDC] "provides deliverability solutions for businesses using email marketing by rehabilitating suspended accounts and bringing them into compliance with email service provider’s anti-spam standards."What does that even mean? Well, more-or-less, that means that helps their customers get out of the spam doghouse.

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SafelyStay: Preventing Those Crazy Airbnb Orgies

SafelyStay is doing for the vacation rental industry what PayPal did for eBay. That is, adding an element of trust into the equation.

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Mark Cuban Backed Egos Ventures Marries Panoramas And Selfies

Bruno Francois had a really exciting trip to the Shark Tank when he presented his company Cycloramic (Egos Ventures) to the sharks on January 31st. It doesn't happen often but Francois' technology that uses an iPhone's gyroscope, cyclometer and vibrator to make the device turn around in a 360 motion, on it's own, wowed all [...]

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REScour: A Much Needed Update to the Real Estate Industry

"REscour was built out of frustration with the current state of information sharing in the multi-family investment industry. Professionals were tired of listings flooding their inboxes and spending way too much time manually building an Excel spreadsheet to keep track of it all. REscour is a private online community that was specifically developed for multi-family institutional real estate investment professionals to gather, organize, track and share information."

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StarMobile: Enterprise Mobility Cheaper and Faster [ATDC]

One of the biggest problems facing the enterprise is that of mobility. Most large-scale companies use massive "packaged on-premise applications, cloud-based applications, or custom-built systems" to run their business. These applications, although incredibly useful on a PC or Mac, are difficult to use when mobile. However, StarMobile solves this problem.

Clean Hands Safe Hands: Preventing Hospital-related infections

The Clean Hands Safe Hands System is a cost-effective, non-intrusive, wireless technology designed to help hospitals remind providers to use the hand sanitizer and monitor compliance.

Skye Energy: The Real Story Behind Your Buildings [ATDC]

Skye Energy provides a cloud software platform for commercial building energy and water operational analysis and detailed efficiency recommendations. Building owners can share their building details and opportunities with marketplace providers that can bring greater detail to the analysis and submit energy and water efficiency project ideas.

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Terminal Velocity Aerospace A Black Box for Astronauts [ATDC]

On Thursday, we were able to bounce up to Atlanta. Georgia to check out Georgia Tech's Advanced Technology Development Center (ATDC) Technology Showcase. There were some really interesting products and software, but Terminal Velocity Aerospace really stood out. They have build an awesome reentry device.

Monsieur Is Like A Coke Freestyle Machine For Alcohol [Video]

This has got to be one of the most incredible things we've seen in quite a long time. We're sure many people have gone into their neighborhood Moe's or Firehouse Subs and seen the crazy Coca Cola Freestyle machine. The machine has 100s of combinations for your favorite soda and mixes them together magically, right [...]