Imprint Energy: Revolutionizing Wearables with Printed Batteries

As wearabes and other small devices are growing in popularity, the problem of power has taken center stage. As it stands right now, battery life is the number one factor limiting wearables. Batteries are the single largest and bulkiest component of every single wearable on the market right now. Thus, companies are forced to decide between [...]

Odds and Ends: ZTE Dunkers and a Parrot Drone Show

Every year, there are a ton of great new products at the International CES. This year was no exception. From the ZTE, to LG, to Parrot booths, it seems like everywhere we went, there was something mind-blowing. This is great, and is the whole reason for CES. However, for those of us who are there to cover [...]

Parrot Showed off Its New eBee Drone at CES

Much like last year, there were a ton of drones on display at the 2015 International CES. And, again, much like last year, Parrot is leading the way. While Parrot does have a bunch of different quad-copter type drones, which are far and away their most popular, it was a different type of drone that [...]

The Parrot Pot: Parrot Further Idiot-Proofs Gardening

Parrot is always one of our favorite booths at the International CES. Beyond the drones, which are awesome by the way, Parrot has developed a line of connected plant sensors that allow you to monitor the health of your flowers and plants. Last year at CES, we took a close look at the Parrot Flower [...]

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Spro 2: A Badass New Smart Projector from ZTE

There were a lot of great things at the 2015 International CES. That said, these great things were more or less scattered throughout the entire convention. A few things here, a few things there. However, the most interesting booth, as a whole, was the ZTE booth.Before we get into the Spro 2, I want to [...]

ZBoard 2: A Massive Upgrade Unveiled at CES

We have written a lot about electric skateboards over the past few years. For good reason, these things are awesome. Well, during the 2015 International CES, ZBoard unveiled the next generation of their electric skateboard: The ZBoard 2. If you have never heard of the ZBoard, it is quite unique among the electric skateboards of the [...]

ZTE Debuts The Star 2 at CES 2015

There were a ton of great new products at the 2015 International CES. Although smartphones are generally not one of the major segments at CES - the majority of manufacturers wait until MWC to debut new devices - the Chinese manufacturer ZTE showed off an impressive new lineup of handsets. While all of the devices [...]

Brother Brought Some Awesome Sewing Machine Tech To CES

At the 2015 International CES, we saw a ton of interesting new products. Though we have seen a lot of different things, more often than not, they fell into the standard, tech-centric categories. Things like 3D printing, the internet of things, wearables, virtual reality, TVs and the like. However, one of the coolest things that [...]

Cable’s Biggest Channels Are Cutting The Cord Too!

While everyone insists on screaming "internet of things, internet of things" in regards to this year's International CES in Las Vegas, those that were paying close attention realize the industry that was most shaken up at CES was the cable industry. For the past few years the notion of cutting the cord has been big [...]

Don’t Be Scared It’s Just An Insanely Fast D-Link Router

That's not some crazy looking robotic military drone capable of busting laser sonic caps in your ass, that's actually one of the newest and fastest routers commercially available to the public. D-Link showed off the new AC-3200 router along with their AC-5300 and AC-3100 ultra performance, ultra fast routers last week in Las Vegas at [...]