Pioneer Introduces New NEX Head Units Some With Android And Apple Car Play

If you're in a house divided between Android and iOS and you share a car that's divided between Android and iOS than pay attention, Pioneer may have just introduced a head unit, or three, that are perfect for you. Pioneer introduced the second generation Networked Entertainment eXperience (NEX) in-dash receivers for 2015.  Consisting of the AVIC-8100NEX, [...]

Audi’s Self Driving Car Drives 560 Miles To CES

Self Driving Audi It's not uncommon for the world's top automobile manufacturers to show off a thing or two at the International CES just a week before Detroit's big auto show. When cars are infused with technology it makes sense to get the press excited about a vehicle at CES ahead of the usual automotive [...]

The LG G Flex 2 Is All About That Bass

No that's not a banana in your pocket it's the new banana shaped LG G Flex 2. We aren't certain what the South Korean companies fixation with curvy smartphones is, but this time they seemed to have nailed it. After Monday morning's LG press conference we got to spend some time with Ethan that showed [...]

Nikon Introduces New Medium Level Consumer DSLR D5500

For the past few years that Nikon has introduced new DSLR cameras more often than not the 3XXX and the 5XXX are the newest of the entry level models. The camera in the 3XXX range is typically the bare bones entry level while the 5XXX is for a medium level consumer and maybe the lower [...]

Chevrolet Gives Sneak Peak Of 2016 Volt At CES 2015

Chevrolet pulled back the sheet on the 2016 Chevrolet Volt at a press event Sunday night at the 2015 International CES in Las Vegas. Press in attendance were treated to a glimpse and photo op of General Motors newest long range electric/hybrid vehicle. GM has been showing some VIP volt owners and others, their latest [...]

Lenovo Takes It’s ThinkPad Business Back To It’s Core

Who is this Lenovo company, that's what everyone was wondering last decade when IBM sold their laptop line to Lenovo. Lenovo had big aspirations of making IBM's "Think Pad" line up and several other computing devices more consumer friendly. To add to that consumer mix is the Yoga series tablets and their smartphone line up, [...]

Nvidia Unveils New Tegra X1 Super Chip At CES 2015

While the world is going through a polar explosion, something quite common for this time of year, and the college football teams are wrapping up bowl games, the 2015 International CES is getting started with some press events, policy and industry updates happening throughout Sunday and Sunday evening. Monday kicks off press day a hodge [...]

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Kodak to Unveil Smartphone at 2015 CES

In today's strange news, Kodak is planning on making some major product releases at the upcoming 2015 Consumer Electronics Show. In the top of this list of products is, you guessed it, an Android smartphone. Beyond the Android device, there are a few other products. As this article will focus on the phone, lets get [...]

CES 2015 Preview: JVC To Release 20 New Receivers In 2015

dCar Audio has seen a resurgence of life thanks to new technologies like bluetooth, wifi, Car Play, in-car wifi and much more. Long gone are the days when a new head unit meant a new CD player or a more powerful FM Radio, heck even HD Radio has gone out of style, quicker than it [...]

Sony to Release Google Glass Competitor at CES

Sony just announced one of the products it will be showing off at the upcoming 2015 Consumer Electronics Show, and it is pretty surprising. Sony has made a bet on a Google Glass type wearable. But Sony's device has a little twist, it clips on to existing eye-ware. This is Sony's Single-Lens Display Module: The clip [...]