New Age of Legal and Financial Service Apps

There are well over a million apps for iOS enabled devices. Android isn’t far behind. Other app stores contain apps numbering in the hundreds of thousands. At the beginning of the app gold rush, developers were incentivized to be first, but not necessarily useful. That has left us with mobile app stores bursting at the [...]

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Finally A Social Network For Nerds, Check Out The Nurrd App

Gamers, geeks, cosplayers, nerds, the season of nerds is ending. The late Comicon ended last month and Dragoncon ended last week. What's a nerd to do now until the con season fires back up? Well you could always look around or any of those kinds of sites. You could jump on your gamer network [...]

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Tech and Outsourcing: 4 Emerging Markets That May Surprise You

Southeast Asia was once the king of all things outsourcing and, in many respects, they still are. What you may be surprised to learn is that things that were once sent to China, India or Vietnam are now being sent all across the globe due to cheap production costs and increased technological capabilities in some [...]

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LEIF Lets You Snowboard Anywhere You Want

Electric Snowboard Leif If you're heavy into snowboarding or maybe you loved snowboarding growing up, there's nothing more heartwrenching than that last trip home at the end of the season. With your snowboard strapped to the roof of your mom's station wagon you know it's going to sit in the garage until the next winter. [...]

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Obama Signs The Phone Unlocking Bill, What Does This Mean

The way wireless carriers in America operate is different from most of the rest of the world. In European countries for instance, you can go to a manufacturers store, Car Phone Warehouse or any electronics big box and buy a phone outright. Once you buy the phone, you decide what carrier you're going to use [...]

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Can Demand Flicks Save The Movie Industry

Most of the time when we hear about the effects of piracy on media we hear about how much money a recording artist, like Beyonce, lost. Our immediate thinking is that Beyonce and Jay-Z are worth hundreds of millions of dollars so my torrenting Bae's latest record isn't hurting anybody. It's not like Blue Ivy [...]

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With Tynker Elementary School Kids Can Create Apps

Technology has come a long way especially when we're talking about technology for kids. Long gone are the days of Erector sets and robotic arms from Radio Shack. Today's kids are creating with 3D printers, making robot kits with Vex and Modular Robotics and now they're even creating apps. Tynker a leading Silicon Valley startup that [...]

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Google Play Store Gets A Makeover And It’s Rolling Out Now

If you've been with Android since the beginning you've seen their app store go through a plethora of changes. Of course the most significant was the change from Android Market to Google Play. But over the past two years or so, the Google Play store has looked pretty much the same. It's a functional online [...]

This Is Your Out, No Really This Is Your Out

Tiyo This Is Your Out We've all been in awkward situations or situations where someone just goes on and on forever. It may be networking events, dates with the wrong guy or girl or even dinner with long lost cousins. How can you move out of that situation and onto the next big thing? What [...]

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MasteryEd: A Common Sense Approach to Teaching Math

MasteryEd Math Throughout the past several weeks, on our cruise of the EdTech conference circuit, we've seen a ton of math-based software and products. However, one of the best we have seen was also one of the most straightforward and low-tech. During the National Association of Elementary School Principals (NAESP) conference in Nashville last week, [...]