WEDG Brings Peace Of Mind To Your Data

WEDG Secure Data Cloud Saturday we reported on POM a gps and bluetooth enabled tracking device that gives you peace of mind about your loved ones, precious things and pets. With peace of mind on the top of our minds, we found WEDG a product that gives you peace of mind about your data. The [...]

There’s At Least One More iOS 7 Update Before iOS 8 Debuts This Fall

It seems that Apple CEO Tim Cook and Senior Vice President of Engineering Craig Federighi did a great job earlier this month getting people fired up about iOS 8. Typically the world waits with baited breath for the release of the next iPhone, and while we are waiting for that iOS 8 seems to have [...]

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Change Your Game With Smash, The Ultimate Tennis Sensor

We've seen several wearables when it comes to sports. Some devices are sport specific like Zepp's system that can be used for baseball, golf and tennis. A new device, developed by Rob Crowder, an Australian entrepreneur, is designed specifically for tennis. A few years back Crowder started playing tennis and fell in love with the [...]

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Prime Music: Amazon Prime Adds Free Streaming Music

On Thurday, Amazon announced a new benefit for Prime members: streaming music. Although this service hardly a challenge to Spotify, Pandora and the like, it is more of a benefit added service: With Prime Music, Prime members have unlimited, ad-free access to over a million songs at no additional cost to their membership. Prime Music [...]

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Why I Won’t Accept Your LinkedIn Invitation [Guest Post]

I get about five or six requests to connect with people on Linkedin every day. I consider each and every request in the spirit I hope others will consider my requests to connect with them. I use to accept invitations only from those I know -- or at least have met in person. I abandoned [...]

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Put Those Beats By Dre By Apple Headphones In A DELOOP

Premium headphones are becoming more and more popular. Whether you use actual good sounding headphones like the professional studio choice, and the choice of Dr. Dre's partner in rhyme Snoop Dogg, The Sony MDR-7506 or you go the high tech hipster route with a  pair of Beats by Dre by Apple, storage can be a [...]

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Travelers In Indian Railways Travelers Created Today’s Appsbar App Of The Day

Railway app gives travelers insight into schedules and routes MyRailApp has earned’s App of the Day award as an example of how ordinary citizens are utilizing the DIY app builder at to create functional, dynamic apps to serve a multitude of purposes. The mobile app is designed specifically for rail travelers in Indian [...]

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Loopd: Hyper-proximate Networking, and Beyond

     Loopd is hard to explain in a few sentences. It is quite interesting but a bit complex. Right now, Loopd is a social discovery app, aimed at business professionals. However, they are in the middle of an Indiegogo campaign in which they are raising funds for a litany of new discover apps. Apps "targeting [...]

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Kid Keemo: Cancer Fighting Companions For Kids

One of our favorite One Spark Creators that we had a chance to speak with was Craig Riley, the Founder of Kid Keemo. Kid Keemo was created to "make kids with cancer feel normal again."Kide Keemo One Spark Creator Profile Kid Keemo is actually the character that you see above. Kid Keemo is a part [...]

Parents Of Boys Are Going To Love: Troll On The Bowl

So this has noting to do with tech but being a parent and a boy (but not the parent of a boy) I can be very sympathetic to the cause of Troll On The Bowl. Not only that but it's Saturday and this just seemed like a great Saturday story. Troll on the Bowl was [...]

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