Ingress Finally Arrive On iOS

Ingress iOS Over the years Google and Apple have had an interesting relationship, both as a company and as a user base.  In the past Google has been quick to provide iOS users with most of their core apps, and slower to slugggish on others. Then there was that debacle with Google Maps. Apple tried [...]

New Radical.FM Android App Gives You 25 Million Songs, You Pay What You Want

Radical.FM Music App Pandora, Spotify and Beats Music are by far the most popular streaming music apps out there. They all offer a robust catalog of music and have the ability to go premium on an ad-free, interruption free model. Now, online music platform is making it's way onto Android smartphones and tablets with [...]

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Go Go Gadget Car: Android Wear Smart Watches Let You Order A Lyft

Android Wear Lyft Need a Lyft? Well if you have a new Android Wear smart watch your next Lyft can be ordered up right from your wrist. Forget having to take the extra step to pull your Android smarpthone out of your pocket, just turn your wrist a quarter turn, call up the new Lyft [...]

For That Time When You Really Need To Turn Down For What #TD4W

Now that summer is in full swing it's starting to look like Lil Jon's club anthem "Turn Down For What" may be the song of the summer. That's actually ok with me now that I'm over the 8,432,200 times I heard "Blurred Lines" last summer. Not only that but I'm a child of the "Get [...]

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Android Auto: Coming to Cars Later This Year

Android Auto, Car Play During Google's marathon keynote address on say one of I/O, the company announced a ton of new products. Of these products, one of the most innovative has to be Android Auto. Essentially, Android Auto is like Google Now, but for the car. Android Auto takes all of the best parts of [...]

Material Design: Google’s Massive Overhaul of The Android UI

Google I/O kicked off on Wednesday morning. There is a lot to get to, so we will just jump right in. Google dropped some major bombs during the keynote address. The most important of which was the announcement of a new mobile OS, or Android L, as the company called it. This new version of [...]

Microsoft launches Nokia X2: V2 of the Android Experiment

One of the biggest questions surrounding the Microsoft acquisition of Nokia's device business concerned Nokia's Android devices. The popular thought was that Microsoft would begin phasing out the Android devices, in favor of its own Windows Phone OS. However, it seems that Microsoft will continue Nokia's Android push, at least for the time being. On [...]

Things Are Looking Up For Android Developers Ahead Of Google I/O

Google's annual developer's conference, Google I/O, kicks off tomorrow in San Francisco. Consequently Google holds their annual conference in the exact same location that Apple does, the Moscone center. Google is also holding satellite I/O sessions across the country and around the globe. This is the third year in a row that they've offered people [...]

Google Teases Android Wear Functionality and Development

  On Wednesday, a new video on the Google Developer YouTube channel gave us a new look at Android Wear. The video gives us a ton of new information about Google's foray into a wearable OS. There are a lot of things that stand out, but one of the most important takeaways - at least [...]

Google Fit: A Challenge to Apple’s HealthKit

In what is really an uncharacteristic change of roles, it looks likes Google is taking a page out of Apple's playbook. According to Forbes, at Google's upcoming I/O conference, the company will unveil a new health service: Google is planning to launch a new health service called Google Fit to collect and aggregate data from popular fitness trackers [...]