Are You A Tech-Savvy Teacher, This Infographic Will Tell You

Through the course of our "summer school" here at Techfaster we've met plenty of tech savvy educators. From ISTE in early July to the NAESP show and Campus Tech that wrapped up this week, teachers, administrators and education enthusiasts were learning, sharing, and networking with each other. These are definitely the tech savvy teacher type, [...]

Students And Teacher’s Love Edsby So Much They Wrote A Song About It [EdTech]

We know that edtech is becoming insanely popular. More and more schools, districts and state-wide school systems are replacing old systems with new technology platforms. Sure edtech games and curriculum delivery systems can be interesting. New technology in the classroom can be fun, but schoolwide systems typically run on the boring side. So it's exciting [...]

EdTech: Educational MMORPG, Tyto Online, Heating Up On Kickstarter

There are so many companies out there that will tell you the quickest way to captivate a young students mind is through gaming.That's true to a degree, but that's not what Lindsey Tropf and Florida based Immersed Games are all about. Immersed Games first came on the scene two years ago at the One Spark [...]

Math Game Time: A Free Educational Resource

There are a ton of great educational websites and apps out there. However, most of these apps and websites cost a bit of money. We just came across a very interesting free resource for educational apps and games. MathGameTime is web platform that offers free math games, worksheets, homework help and videos for teachers, parents and [...]

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EduProtect: An Update to Campus Safety

     Student safety, whether or not they wish to acknowledge it, is one of the largest problems faced by colleges and universities. To date, the most important student safety devices are the giant campus emergency boxes. Though these are certainly better than nothing, but they are often sparsely spread throughout campuses. However, we just came [...]

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EdTech: BYOD or 1:1 [infographic]

There are so many buzzwords in EdTech. In fact we compiled this cheat sheet of sorts as we headed into the International Society for Technology in Education show earlier this month. Two of the big buzzwords are 1:1 and BYOD. BYOD is bring your own device and 1:1 is when the school, or district distributes [...]

Bright Fingers: A Simple Way To Learn To Type

For as long as typing has been around, there has yet to be a perfected method of teaching the skill. There are a bunch of different approaches, but none seem to bee 100% accepted. However, while we were at ISTE, we came across an ingenious approach to teaching the skill.   Essentially, Bright Fingers teaches [...]

LearnSprout Help Schools Harness All of Their Data

While we were at ISTE in Atlanta, we had a chance to check out LeanSprout. The company was at ISTE, fresho off of closing a whopping $4.2 million in Series A funding round, with Formation 8, Samsung Ventures and former Blackboard president, Justin Tan all pitching in.LeanSprout Blog, "Three Big Announcements From LearnSprout," 13 May 2014 That [...]

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Cubicstone: Data-rich Dashboards for Educators [edtech]

   We just came across a new teacher and administrator dashboard. Cubicstone provides a ton of great tools and resources in their dashboard. They provide a place to manage transportation, admissions and enrollment, and several other data manipulation tools. We had a chance to ask the Cubicstone team a few questions about their product: Cubicstone What [...]

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Late Nite Labs: A Flight Simulator for Science Experiments

While we were at ISTE in Atlanta earlier this month, we saw a ton of great EdTech companies and products. However, as good as many of the products were, they all dealt almost exclusively with K-12. We only came across a few higher-ed companies. One such company really stood out: Late Nite Labs. Late Nite [...]

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