The ButtKicker Brings a 4D Hockey Viewing Experience Home

There are a ton of great products out there that enhance the TV watching experience. There are a lot that you would expect, things like surround sound and tablet apps. However, we just came across a article that highlights what is easilly one of the coolest things we have ever seen. Ever, not just [...]

WUF The World’s Smartest Dog Collar?

Wuf, the new smart dog collar that claims to be the "world's smartest dog collar" is now available for preorder via Kickstarter. As a dog lover and a gadget lover I needed to dive in and see what it was that made the folks at Wuf believe they had the world's smartest dog collar. The [...]

OWC’s Thunderbay 4 Is A Storage BEAST For Macs

If you own a Mac and you're not intimately familiar with Other World Computing (OWC) go ahead and check their site out now at The company offers do it yourself memory upgrades, storage upgrades and more, most are designed specifically for Mac. The ThunderBay 4 is a Thunderbolt enabled, affordable, external storage solution. It's [...]

Is That 2.0TB In Your Pocket Or Are You Just Happy To See Me?

Everyone wants to talk about cloud, cloud cloud, but those of us that have been in the tech industry forever and a day know that there are a lot of risks when storing stuff in the cloud. For starters that's someone else's server space. I know that in a perfect world those cloud server company [...]

Review: Braven 705 wireless speaker

  The Braven 705 is a portable bluetooth speaker that can fit many audio needs without breaking your wallet. This speaker looks good and includes helpful features not seen in some other speakers. It has vibrant color options: yellow, purple, blue, gray and a few other to fit your style. Although the Braven 705 costs [...]

LockBot Brings Easy Peace Of Mind For The Sharing Economy

There are over one million private rooms, residences, apartments, condos and houses available via sharing economy websites like AirBnB and Home Away. This has created a new way of doing business and a new lifestyle for many. People who never in a million years thought they would be "landlords" are now renting their properties on [...]

The Battery Vampire Could Save You Hundreds Of Dollars On AA Batteries

Battery Vampire Save Power It's a little known fact that when most people throw away alkaline batteries they still have half their power left inside of them. Couple that with the fact that billions and billions of batteries are thrown away every year and you have enough power to charge up over one billion iPhones [...]

Orfos Is Making The World Safer For Cyclists

Orfos Flare Whether you're a recreational cyclist or fancy yourself a semi-pro cyclist, cycling at night has always been tricky. There are a variety of bicycle light solutions out there but many of them are either too cumbersome, too bright or not bright enough. It's great to have a lot of light but if that [...]

Review: Favi Set-to-Connect wireless speaker for iPhone

The Favi set-to-connect speaker is a portable speaker dock with a low price point. The speaker comes in black and white and is pleasing to the eye. It is small enough to throw in a backpack but packs a large enough punch to be heard across a decently sized room. It is a good speaker [...]

Whistl: The Smartphone Case That Can Save Lives

According to The Women's Center Inc, someone is sexually assaulted every two minutes. On college campuses, in downtown nightlife centric areas and even parks, that risk increases. There are many products out there now, and projects that have gone for crowdfunding, that addressed the need for a smart, mobile safety device but inherently opportunities were [...]