Marriott Turns To Oculus Rift For Destination Sampling

If you were wondering why Mark Zuckerberg and the Facebook coffers ponied up $2 billion dollars for Oculus Rift, companies like Marriott may be the key. The flagship brand for one of the largest hotelier's in the world has announced a new marketing campaign that involves AR/VR technology provided by Oculus Rift. While it may [...]

The Watch We Both Want!

I've been looking for a sharp looking, durable and rugged watch for quite some time. I really don't want a "smart watch" I would rather disconnect and go a little analog at times, and the Rider's Watch by hunterharmony is actually perfect. My wife Molly actually first wrote about The Rider's Watch late last week. [...]

Meet Droidles, Social Robots With Their Own Social Network

Sometimes the craziest sounding ideas are actually genius. That's what you get from Droidles a new little colony of robots that can be easily programmed to do a large number of things. Then, they can share those things with other Droidles in robot to robot interactions and across the Droidles own social network. Really, this [...]

OneFit: The Fitness Tracker That Tracks Almost Everything

Many tech analysts thought that yesterday's Apple Watch announcement would render fitness trackers obsolete. That may be the case for some, but those that are serious about their workout, getting in shape and keeping up with their lifestyle are still going to want to use a fitness tracker rather than run the risk of breaking [...]

After Raising 11x On Kickstarter Hyper Officially Releases iStick At IFA 2014

Hyper iStick The annual IFA conference in Berlin Germany is like CES but actually five to seven times bigger. Picture airplane hangar sized halls filled with the top electronics that will be grazing store shelves and online shops in this upcoming holiday season. Many tech journalists, analysts and industry folks consider IFA to be the [...]

Rollybot Is An Amazing New Robot And Camera

One look at this Korean companies Indiegogo campaign video and you may think that Rollybot should be called Rollycam. The round, ball like robot is reminiscent of a Sphero ball with a camera on it, but when you peel back the shell there's so much more. Rollybot is a feature packed smartphone controlled rolling robot [...]

The Greatest Thing Since The T-Shirt Cannon

Years ago when NBA mascots including the coyote from the San Antonio Spurs, were looking for a way to get souvenirs to the upper deck, they turned to a spud cannon. The earliest t-shirt cannons weighed 90 pounds “It was like carrying a TV set on your back. The gun was probably at least four feet [...]

Toilet Seat Gets Rid Of The Odor

We've all been there, we've had a great meal that did a workover in our stomachs and now it's time for an embarrassing number two. You realize that you can't get out of your hosts house in time and you're going to have to do your duty in their bathroom. How are you going to [...]

XiOne Could Be The Most Amazing Portable Radio In The World

Whether you're an amateur radio operator or a radio listening enthusiast, you probably know that software defined radios are the wave of the future. Software defined radios use software based algorithms to demodulate and decode radio signals making SDR the most flexible radio solution out there. The problem today is that most software defined radios [...]

50 Cent’s SMS Audio Introduces Biometric Headphones

Most people love listening to music while they work out. Whether that workout is a job, bike ride or even lifting in the gym, we've got to have our jams. Nowadays many people are also using some kind of fitness tracking device like a Fitbit to keep up with their workout. Recently, we've started see [...]

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