Breathe More Life Into You With Pro2

There are many products, that when introduced to the world are called "game changing" or "life changing". Those are big shoes to fill, but Pro2 actually delivers. Pro2 is a unique pocket sized device that helps people easily train their breathing muscles so they can be more active without losing their breath. The device has [...]

Finally A Heated Jacket You Can Actually Wear

Heated Jackets have been around for the last five years or so. The problem is that most of them are designed specifically for construction use. I'm sure there's plenty of times you wish you had a lighter weight heated jacket that was warm. The heated jackets that are out there today are made by tool [...]

EcoReco’s M3 E-Scooter Is The Ultimate Last Mile Vehicle

Electric vehicles are the way to go. They allow you to experience the outdoors, commute a little greener and they're fun to ride. Everything from E-bikes to Segway scooters, INMOTION SCV's, and even electric versions of the Vespa are gaining popularity especially in dense urban areas. There are a few problems though. Most electric vehicles [...]

JackPair: Your Own Personal Secure Line

Personal Secure Line JackPair This isn't 007, Jack Bauer or 24. It's real life America in 2014 and citizens everywhere are worried about who can monitor your phone calls. While there's great debate on whether government agencies are monitoring entire calls of US citizens or they're just taking some of the information from calls, either [...]

Fun Interactive Game Creation For Kids With GameTube By Daddy’s Lab

David Song spent most of his career working for Samsung as an engineer in their mobile division. Throughout his career he worked with the latest and greatest from Samsung and dealt daily with things like accelerometers, control surfaces and human interaction with electronics. All the while his children took a keen interest in what it [...]

Pro-2 Lives Up To The Hype For Cyclists, Hockey Players And Football Players

For athletes in some of the most rigorous sports, breathing training is as important as strength and conditioning. In fact the two go hand in hand. Training the way you breathe helps improve your endurance and thus your performance as well. A new device, the Pro2, currently on Kickstarter is an easy to use tool [...]

MyBell Hailed As Awesome Device By Members Of Deaf Community

The creators of MyBell have taken to innovating an almost novelty safety device and turned it into something fun, customizable and of course safety conscious. MyBell is a handlebar mountable customized bicycle early warning device. Using MyBell's technology users can quickly and easily use their customized sound files as a quick warning device for pedestrians, [...]

How Many Xbox One’s Has Microsoft Sold?

How Many Xbox One's Has Microsoft Sold? That's the question everybody has but Microsoft is mum about. It's been months since the Redmond based computer giant has disclosed their sales numbers for their next-gen console. That didn't change on Tuesday when Microsoft gave their quarterly earnings call, reports They did state that they sold [...]

Sync from ActvContent: A Wearable For The Whole Family

Actvcontent Family Wearable We have seen a lot of safety trackers lately. That said, they have mostly been just that, safety trackers. However, we just caught wind of a new Indiegogo project that is launching later this week that looks to make the safety tracker more than just a one-hit-wonder. This is Sync from ActvContent: The Sync [...]

CaseCam: Get Everyone in the Picture, Every Time

   One of the bigger annoyances these days has to do with taking pictures. There is not really any way to get everyone in the picture. Someone - the person taking the picture - is always left out. However, we just came across a new startup that wants to change that problem. CaseCam is the [...]