Every Active Person On Earth Should Have A GoGlove

There's a revolutionary product on Kickstarter right now and it's not Potato salad. Sure it's a stretch to claim anything is truly revolutionary but GoGlove fits that bill. Every active person on earth should have a GoGlove. Why, because it solves one of the most annoying problems in the world. Whether you're jogging, biking, skiing, [...]

Bike Technology For Kids

Do you remember the good ole day, where after rigorous training with your dad, mom, grandparents or an adult family friend you finally got to take the training wheels off your bike. It was no big deal if you fell off your bike and hit your head? In fact you wore your bruises, bumps and [...]

The Lumos SmartHub Makes Managing Class Tech Easy

Lumos Smart Hub ISTE 2014 We saw a ton of great stuff at ISTE (International Society for Technology in Education) 2014 Conference. That said, one of our most favorite products was the Lumos SmartHub. In a nutshell, the Lumos SmartHub is an in-classroom device that works as the centralized hub for all the various classroom [...]

An Elliptical For Under Your Desk, Check Out Cubii

Under Desk Elliptical Cubii Being in the tech world you probably spend most of your time behind a desk. Perhaps your plotting the next Facebook, fielding customer service calls for a new startup, or working on something edtech related. Whatever the case may be, you, like me, spend the bulk of your day in a [...]

HP’s Fanless Chromebox Isn’t So Fanless After All

The latest iteration of Google Chrome OS devices are coming in the form of "Chrome boxes". The initial Chrome boxes were released two years ago as Google was still trying to navigate the Chrome ship. Now Chrome as an OS is starting to catch on, most significantly in edTech. Both ASUS and HP have released [...]

LEDmeKnow: Never Miss a Notification While on Silent Again

As hard as it is to do sometimes, there are times and places that we have to put our phones on silent. Though necessary, leaving your phone on silent for a long time can be a real pain, causing you to miss calls and notifications. To fight this, you can either be glued to your [...]

Findster: A New Take on the GPS Tracking Ecosystem

Findster GPS Tracking Lately, we have seen a huge rush on the GPS tracking devices on both Indiegogo and Kickstarter. However, these devices, though interesting and useful, often have one major downfall: a monthly service charge. That needn't be the case, or so argues Findster: Findster is a new and innovative GPS tracking system working towards the [...]

Epson’s New Brightlink Pro Series Has The Boardroom And The Classroom Covered

Epson, the number one selling projector brand worldwide, made some major noise at Infocomm in Las Vegas last week, just ahead of ISTE next week in Atlanta. The company revealed several new projectors and refreshed several of their projector lines. One of the most exciting announcements is the new BrightLink Pro series projectors. With the [...]

Dogs’ GPS Tags Help Track Stolen Vehicle

GPS tags on dogs are becoming more common today. Many families are putting a GPS tracker on their dogs just in case they get loose so that they can find their family pets. For those who's dogs are as much family members as their kids being able to locate them brings a huge bit of [...]

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This Is Not What It Looks Like It’s Actually An Amazing Toothbrush

This may look like something else but we assure you it's not. In fact this is the first real legitimate redesign of the toothbrush since 1954. The toothbrush is called the ISSA and it's by a company based in Sweden called FOREO. While some may think the ISSA looks like a vibrator it's actually the [...]