This Christmas Eve Not A PSN or Xbox Live Is Stirring Thanks To Lizard Squid

So you just weren't content with going to bed, you had to stay up all night and get one last hoorah on the game system and games you already have tied to your Play Station Network account or your Xbox Live Account. It's apparent you were going to try and catch Santa Claus mid stream [...]

EA Sports Dumps Ray Rice Too

Baltimore Ravens Running Back Ray Rice was fired from all of NFL football on Monday after a video tape surfaced on TMZ showing him punching his now wife Jannay Rice and knocking her out in an elevator. The Ravens terminated Rice's contract early Monday morning and NFL commissioner Roger Goodell suspended the 28 year old, [...]

PS 4 Remote Play Headed To Sony Xperia Z3 [IFA 2014]

One of the coolest things about Sony's PS4, and another reason that it's beating the pants of the Xbox One, is the integration with the Sony Vita. Vita users can use their handheld game system to remotely play Playstation games. This means that you can play NBA 2K14 (or the upcoming 2K15), Madden or any [...]

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Xbox One-Less Kinect Available October 7th for $149

When Microsoft originally released the Xbox One they did so with the Kinect built into the bundle whether you wanted to use it or not. That priced the Xbox One $100 more than rival Playstation 4. Sony's newest system has been beating the pants of Xbox One, so as a result Microsoft decided to start [...]

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PS4 Sales Have Sony Executives Stumped

This is one of those good problems to have. Sony recently reported that they've sold 10 million PS4 systems to date. By all accounts, not only is Sony kicking Microsoft's ass in next generation console sales but they've surpassed any level of sales that they had initially thought. ArsTechnica reported on Tuesday that Sony's head [...]

Tally Board Putting Math Into Casual Math Games

   As anyone who has ever played 2048 will tell you, a game like that is incredibly addictive. It is both frustrating and exciting at the same time. Recently, I have become a bit burnt out on it. However, I think I may have just found a perfect replacement: Tally Board. Tally Board combines gameplay [...]

Sony: EA Access is not, “good value to the PlayStation gamer”

Almost as soon as the new EA/Xbox One platform was announced - EA Access - Sony fired back with a subtle comment. It was strange for EA Access to be 100% exclusive to Xbox, thus GameInformer reached out to the Japanese company. In a response, Sony offered some alternate views of the new game platform: [...]

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Mario Isn’t Saving Nintendo

Welcome to the Nintendo roller coaster, although it's not a new game on the Wii U system, it's the wild ride the Japanese video gaming giant has embarked upon since releasing their newest console system a year before rivals Sony and Microsoft. It happened so quickly, leading up to the holiday season in 2012. Nintendo [...]

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Fun Interactive Game Creation For Kids With GameTube By Daddy’s Lab

David Song spent most of his career working for Samsung as an engineer in their mobile division. Throughout his career he worked with the latest and greatest from Samsung and dealt daily with things like accelerometers, control surfaces and human interaction with electronics. All the while his children took a keen interest in what it [...]

EA Announces Netflix for Xbox One: EA Access

On Tuesday, EA made a huge announcement. Beginning on Tuesday, EA and Microsoft are rolling out a new feature to the Xbox One: EA Access. Essentially, EA Access is a sort-of Netflix for games. Here is a bit of EA's official statement: We have partnered with Microsoft to deliver EA Access, an all-new monthly (or [...]