YouTube: Crowdfunding, Crowd Annotating, Mobile Apps & Revenue Sharing

YouTube is still by far the largest video platform on the web. At last count YouTube saw over 1 billion views per month from across the world. Entertainers, musicians, comedians and YouTube stars all still prefer YouTube because of it's more robust platform. But, we would by naive to think that YouTube isn't at least [...]

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Do Not Google Me Won’t Hold Up In US

Earlier this month we reported that the highest court in Europe had basically made a ruling which would create a process where people could have things removed from their Google results. This all came about because someone in Spain felt that their privacies had been violated when sensitive personal information came up in a Google [...]

Google To Produce 4,000 Project Tango Tablets

On Thursday, The Wall Street Journal reported that next month Google is planning on producing some 4,000 prototype tablets with sensors and cameras that allow for 3D tracking and mapping.Lorraine Luk and Rolfe Winkler, The Wall Street Journal, "Google Developing Tablet With Advanced Vision Capabilities," 22 May 2014 (Paywall) The prototype tablets utilize the same technology found [...]

Google Hopes This Woman Will Make Google Glass Cool

Since first announced over two years ago at Google's annual Google I/O developer conference, the world has been waiting (or at least Google hopes the world has been waiting) for a mainstream launch of the wearable eye wear known as Google Glass. At that Google I/O conference Google was showing off Google Glass and unlike [...]

Italian Government Starts Investigation Over The Freemium Model

The freemium model for mobile apps and games is the most popular model by far. Sure developers can make money off of paid for downloads but it seems those companies with a freemium model make far more. The biggest example of this so far has to be King, the company behind the megahit Candy Crush. [...]

Google Now Offering Street View To Android App Developers

Android app developers looking to add another amazing feature to their Android apps, can now add Google Street View images. In their latest Google Play Services update (Google Play Services 4.4), Google has added their collection of eye level images of the real world giving apps another way to entice users.  Google Play Services is [...]

Truce: Apple And Google Declare A Truce Of Sorts

Late Friday Google and Apple issued a joint statement saying that they were ending all current lawsuits against each other, and that they would work together in some areas of patent reform. A story that was first reported by the Wall Street Journal had many tech pundits in disbelief. Many believed that Apple and Google [...]

Android Is For Poor People? And That’s Why It Will Win!

Back in April a report using device data aggregated from Twitter told a story that not many wanted to hear. Business Insider and others posulated that the chart proved that Android was for poor people, or rather more people than iPhone is for. Apple has for years, stayed within it's pricing structure basically since the [...]

EU May Be Paving The Way For A “Do Not Google Me” List

People are very concerned about privacy these days, but what about when it comes to information that Google gathers from it's crawlers across the web? Well the highest international court, the European Court of Justice, has ruled that people can ask Google to delete sensitive information from it's search results, making a landmark ruling in [...]

New Gmail UI Images Leaked

The "Do no evil," slogan is contained in Google's guiding "Ten things we know to be true." Included in these ten things is number two, "It’s best to do one thing really, really well." Now this is not some sort of examination of Google philosophy, or some such thing, but rather a look at one [...]