MassageBook massage therapist directory announces partnership with ABMP

MassageBook announces an exclusive partnership with industry leading Associated Bodywork & Massage Professionals (ABMP), and aims to help consumers find skilled massage therapists locally. - After competing with a number of scheduling and massage practice management software solutions, MassageBook has been officially selected as ABMP’s preferred choice for its members. - With more than 80,000 [...]

eVisit: Talk to Your Doctor from Anywhere

     What if there was a way to visit your doctor from home? Well, we just came across a startup that is looking to make this a real possibility. eVisit has built a unique telehealth software platform that allows doctors to meet with, and diagnose patients via a sort-of Skype-type call. We had a chance [...]

Pro-2 Lives Up To The Hype For Cyclists, Hockey Players And Football Players

For athletes in some of the most rigorous sports, breathing training is as important as strength and conditioning. In fact the two go hand in hand. Training the way you breathe helps improve your endurance and thus your performance as well. A new device, the Pro2, currently on Kickstarter is an easy to use tool [...]

Get Your Fitness Data In One Breath With Pro2

     Breathing Fitness Monitor Pro2 There are a ton of fitness products and software out there these days. That said, we just came across one of the most unique fitness trainers we have ever seen. The PrO2. The PrO2 is a unique breathing trainer. "PrO2™ tracks and improves performance using breathing exercises to strengthen the [...]

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An Elliptical For Under Your Desk, Check Out Cubii

Under Desk Elliptical Cubii Being in the tech world you probably spend most of your time behind a desk. Perhaps your plotting the next Facebook, fielding customer service calls for a new startup, or working on something edtech related. Whatever the case may be, you, like me, spend the bulk of your day in a [...]

Google Fit: A Challenge to Apple’s HealthKit

In what is really an uncharacteristic change of roles, it looks likes Google is taking a page out of Apple's playbook. According to Forbes, at Google's upcoming I/O conference, the company will unveil a new health service: Google is planning to launch a new health service called Google Fit to collect and aggregate data from popular fitness trackers [...]

Buzzy Relieves Needle and IV Pain Drug Free [ATDC]

Buzzy is an incredibly unique product. Buzzy, "is an award-winning physiologic pain blocker. Using cold and vibration, Buzzy is proven to naturally block unpleasant sensations on contact."

Clean Hands Safe Hands: Preventing Hospital-related infections

The Clean Hands Safe Hands System is a cost-effective, non-intrusive, wireless technology designed to help hospitals remind providers to use the hand sanitizer and monitor compliance.

Many Galaxy S5 Health Features are Available on Current Devices

It is clear that the new Galaxy S5 and the new Samsung's new wearables are incredibly unique and feature-rich. That said, many of the lower-level functions can be achieved with your current smartphone.

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This Tiny Chip Could Save Lives By Looking In The Heart

As Gizmodo pointed out, ever since the days of The Magic School Bus that took a roller coaster-esque ride through the human body, we thought this day would one day come. Now, scientists and researchers at George W Woodruff School Of Mechanical Engineering at Georgia Tech, have developed a tiny chip that measures just 1.4 [...]