ArchieMD: Interactive Healthcare Education Apps and Software

ArchieMD is "a physician led company that creates innovative health and science education products for a broad spectrum of students, consumers and professionals." They have built a wide variety of applications and software that covers everything from anatomy and physiology, to diagnosing and treating common injuries and sickness, to performing invasive surgery, and everything in-between.

Kids Health Record: Solving The Clerical Nightmare of Medical Records

Kids Health Record was built to take on the student medical information nightmare that exists in schools. Rather than keeping up with paper forms and documents, Kids Health Record allows for the accessing of health records and info online. While that may sound a little unsafe, the company has taken every precaution to ensure that this is a safe and secure process.

Pyle Launches Bluetooth Fitness Scale to Track Workout Progress

As we continue to focus on the quantified self, this is just the sort of device to serve as a companion to the various other health tracking wearables - the Fitbits and the Nike Fuel Bands of the world. The wearables can tell you how an when, while the Pyle Bluetooth Digital Weight Personal Health Scale can give you a detailed breakdown of the results.

FitnessSHIRT and The Genesis of Smart Clothing

We have smartphones, smart watches, Google Glass, Fitbits, but the Fraunhofer Institute for Integrated Circuits IIS wants to usher in the next wave of smart products as early as next year. The Fraunhofer Institute's FitnessSHIRT measures and tracks vital signs and physiological signals

With FDA Medical Guidance, Medical Apps Set To Explode

The Food & Drug Administration released their final guidance on Medical Mobile Applications back in September. Now that doctor's are becoming familiar with the FDA's guidelines we're set to see more mobile apps for healthcare. Healthcare Finance News citing a survey from Digitas Health, reported that as high as 90% of people with a chronic [...]

Where’s My Happy Meal Toy? McDonalds Giving Away Books And E-Books

During the month of October fast food giant McDonald's gave away their signature candy buckets with their Happy Meals. This year boys received Star Wars buckets while girls received Monster High buckets. Aside from the fatty foods, which McDonald's is trying to supplement with smaller amounts of french fries and bags of apples, there's no [...]

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95 Million American’s Are Using Mobile Phones As A Health Tool

The rise of mobile that we've seen over the past few years is reminiscent of the computer boom in the 1980's. As more and more households became computer owners people began turning to the computer for more and more. Then, in the 90's when the Internet started to catch on the trend shifted again.  Even [...]