This Smart Water Heater Technology Could Save You Money

Aquanta Smart Water Heater When you go away for a couple of weeks on vacation do you ever think to turn your water heater off? That little step could actually save you some bucks the next time you go on vacation. If no one is going to be taking hot showers, washing dishes or washing [...]

WUF The World’s Smartest Dog Collar?

Wuf, the new smart dog collar that claims to be the "world's smartest dog collar" is now available for preorder via Kickstarter. As a dog lover and a gadget lover I needed to dive in and see what it was that made the folks at Wuf believe they had the world's smartest dog collar. The [...]

QuickLock Is The Simple Access System That Fits Your Lifestyle

Bluetooth and NFC have brought new life to the boring lock. The boring padlock and the boring entry lock have been rejuvenated thanks to technology, however many companies that have tackled the task of innovating the access space have failed. They've made their products too clunky, too bulky, and too hard to use. Don't believe [...]

Water Hero: Control Your Water System From Anywhere

As we have noted, there are countless examples of "smart" things out there. A majority of these smart things, however slight a majority, are arbitrary. There are, however, some smart devices with some serious world-changing  implications. One such device is the Water Hero Smart Leak Detection System: Though water damage and leaking pipes may not [...]

Eva Smart Shower Device

As we have said many times before, and as you have no doubt noticed, there are a ton of different "smart" products out there. A majority of these products, even if only a slight majority, are frivolous and not really useful. Of the useful minority of products, there is an even smaller number of products [...]

Fizzly: Easily Customizable, Creative, Fun, Smart Tag

If you were to sit down and map out all of the potential uses for smart tags your head would be spinning. There's probably an infinite amount of ways you can use any of the smart tags that are on the market today or coming on the market soon by way of Indiegogo or Kickstarter. [...]

Point: A Less Intrusive Take on Home Security

There are a ton of different smart home and connected home and internet of things devices out there. The problem is, a lot of these devices have a pretty rigorous set up and involve a large amount of work. Sure, there are a few simple ones out there, but most of these devices are simple, [...]

Rico Is Your Smarthome Companion That Used To Be Your Smartphone

MindHelix, the team behind the Sentinel security app has found a new way to make use or up-cycle your old smartphone right in your home. They've crafted a Smart Home control robot that uses an old smartphone as the brain and eyes. While smartphones could last years and years the average smartphone life for a [...]

Meet The Misfit Flash, A Great Looking Tracker Under $50

Misfit, the creators of the popular Shine fitness tracker are back with a new, equally as stylish, rugged and useful device called Flash. Flash is crafted out of a special soft-touch plastic, Flash is comfortable, extremely durable, and waterproof to 30 meters, making it fit for even the toughest uses. It comes in seven unique [...]

The Internet Of Things Comes To Home Brewing

Homebrewing has become one of the most popular hobbies of this decade. More and more households have taken to crafting their own beers for fun and even competitively. Homebrewing can be tricky though and making sure everything comes out just right can often be a headache and can result in well, bad tasting beer. That's [...]