OneFit: The Fitness Tracker That Tracks Almost Everything

Many tech analysts thought that yesterday's Apple Watch announcement would render fitness trackers obsolete. That may be the case for some, but those that are serious about their workout, getting in shape and keeping up with their lifestyle are still going to want to use a fitness tracker rather than run the risk of breaking [...]

FutureHome Is The Future Proof Home Automation Control System

Erik Stokkeland worked as an installation for Siemens and other companies, installing home control systems for nearly a decade. As an installation engineer and technician Stokkeland saw first hand the problems with current home automation and control systems on the market. The biggest drawbacks to current systems is that they're outdated virtually the minute they're [...]

Can You Smell What Your Phone Is Cooking?

After missing their mark with Qblinks an extremely versatile remote control and notification center for your phone, the Qblinks team is back at it with a vengeance and a truly unique product. The iScent is a castle shaped product that's really a Bluetooth atomizer making it possible to smell your ring or notification tones. It [...]

This Concussion Sensor Could Change The World Of Sports Forever

Concussions are one of the most dangerous aspects of organized sports at any level. Concussions can cause life altering brain injuries and can lead to problems like chronic traumatic encephalopathy (CTE), the condition that's believed to have led to NFL veteran Junior Seau's 2012 suicide. The effects of concussions on the brain can last for years [...]

Meet Eve & Adam Your Smart Irrigation System

In today's modern home there's a sensor, an app and a device for everything. You can brew coffee automatically, see who's at the front door, feed your dog, shut the blinds and even control your thermostat with a connected smart device. But what about your yard. Nathan Cauffman has developed a new smart irrigation system [...]

Take The Guesswork Out Of Your Check Engine Light With Fixd

The "internet of things" is allowing us to do more and more with sensors and get more relevant data back about all the important aspects of your life through mobile apps. For most, the car is a very important part of their lives. Without your car you can't get to work, pick the kids up [...]

What’s In Your Breath

Pro2 Fitness Data Believe it or not there's a lot of important information you can get from simply breathing. Of course breathing is one of the most important life functions for any species, but did you know your breathing can actually tell you a lot? Pro2 is an early stage startup company and a spinoff [...]

Total POM: A Tracking System That Can Save Lives

Search the world of crowdfunding and you'll find hundreds of different tracking devices. Companies like Pile opened up the floodgates for anyone who could package together a bluetooth enabled tracking chip and muster up some code. Literally between just Indiegogo and Kickstarter alone there are 40+ projects in that domain. So why should you care [...]

Nabto: An Internet of Things Infrastructure

   Is Nabto The Internet Of Things Infrastructure? We have seen a ton of crowdfunding campaigns, but we just came across one that is very interesting, Nabto has built a box that allows for "peer-to-peer remote access to your home network." Essentially, then, the Nabtobox "enables you to create remote access to your home network [...]

Know The Air Quality Around You With Skywair

The internet of things along with crowdfunding are producing some amazing new technologies. Just this morning we reported on Sandpiper IS a spirometer that attaches to your smartphone and gives you data on your lung function. Now we've uncovered a unique new device that measures the air quality around you called Skywair. Skywair was originally [...]