How’s Your Lung Function, Sandpiper I.S. Can Tell You

App Spirometer Sandpiper I.S Whether you're an athlete, musician, asthmatic or just like keeping up with your health there are several devices out there that can do that. Most devices cater to your heart, your pulse, and your activity. That's great! But there's no device out there now that helps you keep up with your [...]

Freewavz Listen To Your Music, Track Your Fitness With The Same Device

Fitness Monitor Headphones Freewavz Fitness, music and now tracking your fitness go hand in hand. That typically take multiple devices, your earbuds or headphones and some kind of fitness tracking band. Now, thanks a new device called Freewavz merges the headphones and the fitness tracking into one. On any given Sunday there are hundreds of [...]

Bike Technology For Kids

Do you remember the good ole day, where after rigorous training with your dad, mom, grandparents or an adult family friend you finally got to take the training wheels off your bike. It was no big deal if you fell off your bike and hit your head? In fact you wore your bruises, bumps and [...]

Monolyth: Nest For Your Wall Or Window Unit AC

Nest For Window Units Monolyth A couple moths back we told you about the Sensibo, a device that turned any A/C unit into a smart unit. Today, however, we came across a similar product: Monolyth. The Monolyth was built by Entia, a Slovenian company that has already built a bunch of different smart home products. We had [...]

POM Stands For Peace Of Mind And That’s What You’ll Get

POM Tracking Chip There are plenty of bluetooth and gps enabled tracking devices out there, especially in the world of Kickstarter. The problem with most of them though, is that first they are positioned as a way to find your car keys. While that may be a great use for a tracking device that's not [...]

Leo Offers Fitness Intelligence At Unheard Of Levels

LEO Fitness Intelligence You know how the saying goes, if we got a dollar for every fitness wearable story recommended to us we could retire. So when we first saw LEO we naturally thought, oh another fitness device. After diving into LEO a little further we found that Leo is providing fitness intelligence to it's [...]

Neoji: The Next Step for the Smart Home

There are an awful lot of home monitoring/smart home devices out there, with a lot of different functionality. However, we just came across one smart home device that packs in just about every single smart home function into one place. The Neoji, according to the creators, "is a sleek and elegant device that functions like [...]

The Pebble Watch Does Even More Now

(image: pocketlint) The "internet of things" is on a massive growth spurt. Until recently the "internet of things" has mostly centered around your smartphone as the hub and the controller for whatever brain you have at the center of your "things". Yesterday we brought you the story of the Nucano Smart Door Chime, [...]

The Nucano Smart Door Chime Is A Home Intelligence Platform

The Nucano Smart Door Chime is so much more than just a door chime. There are several door bells out there that will let your phone know if someone is at the door. There are several camera systems that will let you see who's at the door and with the advances in wifi devices, you [...]

Put Soap At The Center Of Your Home Networking Universe

Wireless routers are one of the most bland, boring products, but at the same time they are one of the most vital. The only time you even really think about your router is when it stops working. It's just there. However, there is one company that wants to change how we think about routers. This [...]