Picky Pint: Never Order a Bad Beer Again

   Picking out a good beer from a beer list is a hard thing to do. Often there is little more than a vague description: "full-bodied," or "super dark." Sure, you can ask the waiter/waitress, but the answer will be based 100% on their palate. Ah, but we just came across a great app that helps [...]

Mailmalade: HTML Emails Made Easy

Anyone who has sent out email newsletters knows what a hassle the design part can be. Sure, you can use the large email handlers like MailChimp and ConstantContact, but the design is still a challenge. You can use one of their stock options, but these are bland and unoriginal. However, we just came across a [...]

SlidePick: Organize Your Photos Quickly and Easily

   With the huge amount of pictures that we take with mobile devices, organizing them can be a real pain. There are just too many photos. However, we just came across an app that makes in incredibly easy to organize all these photos: SlidePick. We had a chance to ask the team a few questions [...]

FileInvite: A New Way to Communicate With Clients

  If you have ever worked as a freelancer - really, in any role - you know what a hassle dealing with clients can be. It is not that clients are malicious or anything like that. Rather, they just seem to be unsure or non-specific. That's a huge part of why they bring in freelance [...]

Voyajo: Personalized Travel Itineraries

  We travel a lot. Going to conferences and meetings keeps up on the road. While we stay pretty busy on the road, there is a good amount of downtime. This downtime can present quite a challenge. A lot of the time, we are in cites that we are completely unfamiliar with, meaning we have [...]

Winkli Adds Context to Events

  There are a ton of different event apps and services out there. However, many fall short in a few different areas. One of the biggest of these shortfalls is a lack of context concerning the attendees. Well,we just came across a new app that helps add some of this context: Winkli. The team was [...]

StoriesOnBoard: take a holistic view of your product

Often, it is hard to see the big-picture, in terms of projects and/or products. It is the whole can't see the forest for the trees argument. If you get bogged down in all of the minuscule details, you miss the big picture. Though you could make an argument in favor of grinding out, and staying focused [...]

Blossom: An Agile Project Management Platform

   As software development has quickly adapted to the agile methodology, the project management tools have struggled to keep up. Many are still bulky and somewhat difficult to use. We just came across what is, arguably, the best choice for agile project management: Blossom. The results speak for themselves. Blossom is used at: Facebook, Twitter, Spotify, [...]

Linkredirector: A New, Smarter Take on URL Shortening

   URL shorteners are a great way to get the maximum amount of data out of clicks. However, there are some drawbacks to the standard URL shortners. Firstly, they really just serve as a static link: Meaning one shortened URL points to only one URL. That is all well and good, but what if a [...]

AuditShark: Network Security for Dummies

  Network security is a major expense for large companies. I must preface this by saying that I know very little about maintaining a secure network. That said, the team from AuditShark has built an incredibly simple auditing tool that can be used to programmatically determine the overall security posture of your servers. In fact it [...]