City Wedding Guides: A Wedding Guide App For Your Home Town

  As anyone who has planned a wedding can tell you, it takes a ton of work. That work doubles, if not triples, if you are planning a wedding in a different area than where you live. Surely there should be some sort of app or software to help. Ah, now there is. City Wedding [...]

Taiga: Free, Open Source Project Management Tool

There are a ton of different project management apps and programs out there. If we are being honest about them, 80% of these programs are absolute garbage. However, we just came across a new platform that is quite interesting. Taiga is an open source, agile project management tool. We had a chance to ask the [...]

AlvinHR: Optimize Your Workforce

  There is a whole lot of change and rollover at large companies. An employee is hired to do one job, but that position may change drastically within the span of years, months, or even days. This change and transformation of a position may be good, or it may be horrible. Most of the time, [...]

Wembli: Expedia for Live Events

  Have you ever planned a large group outing to an event? It is one of the most mind-numbingly painful things to do. You have to find tickets, a ride or parking, hotels, food, and tons of other things. It is just a huge pain. However, on startup has come up with a simple solution [...]

Dev’s Deploy Your Rails, Node.JS & PHP Apps Faster With VIADUCT

Developers developing in Ruby on Rails, Node.js and PHP know that deploying code can be a pain and stressful. The team at has designed and developed a platform that is easy to use and understand and takes the headache out of deploying code and apps. "Viaduct is an brand new application hosting platform allowing [...]

Helpified: Pocket for Educators

  . We have covered a ton of EdTech startups lately, but we just came across one of the more interesting products. Helpified is a pretty unique platform. Rather than reinventing the wheel, Helpified has built a platform that allows teachers and individuals to gather resources in a simple way. Think of it as sort of [...]

Videolean: Explainer Videos Made Simple

   As more and more companies are moving toward video explainer videos, as a first means of contact with potential customers, many businesses are being left behind. There are a few reasons for this. Firstly, if you want to hire a studio to create such a video, it can cost upwards of thousands of dollars. [...]

Crowdlinker: A New Take On Social Media Management

   There is no shortage of social media management platforms out there. However, most of the platforms are pretty limited, in terms of focus and functionality. More or less, they all allow you to post to several different social media sites from one central location. However, we just came across a new platform that takes [...]

Campaigneurs: A Powerful Tool for Non-Profits

   There are a ton of online tools out there. That said, there seems to be a major shortage of tools for non-profits and other charitable organizations. However, we just came across an incredibly interesting platform aimed at non-profits. Campaigneurs is a Swedish company that has taken a unique approach to connecting non-profits and the business [...]

Fingr: A Unique New Location Based Discussion App

  We just came across a really interesting new app: Fingr. Fingr is unlike anything I have ever seen. Essentially, it is a forum/chat app that is centered around physical locations. We had a chance to ask the developers a few questions about their new app: Fingr What is Fingr? Fingr is the supreme mobile [...]