Topsy, Apple, HedgeChatter, and the Rise of Social Data

Apple's purchase of Topsy and the launch of HedgeChatter are significant well beyond the actions themselves. As the amount of available data, both social and otherwise, continues to grow at an exponential rate, it will be the companies that make the best use of this data that survive.

Kanye, The Next Steve Jobs? WTF

(photo: Facebook via Valleywag) If your new tech company was looking for investment money you probably wouldn't tell Zappos founder that his company sold "Sh*t Product". That is, unless you were Kanye West. West is notorious for his outspoken and erratic behavior. He's done many many, controversial things to hype his image. If [...]

Quirky Banks Another $79M To Invent More Cool Stuff

On Wednesday, Quirky announced that it had closed a Series D Round worth a whopping $79 M. Quirky is a company that makes invention accessible by bringing new product ideas to life through its online collaborative platform.

The Week in Venture Funding: Oct. 25 – Nov. 1

Starting today, every Friday we will be taking a quick look at the week that was in venture funding. Enjoy!

It’s Halloween Take A Look At These 5 Halloween-esque Deals Of 2013

This post originally appeared on PitchBook Private equity and venture capital firms have made sure to announce or complete deals with all the companies you need to have a great Halloween in 2013. PitchBook’s global deal coverage has even found some international financings to include on the list, honoring All Hallows’ Eve celebrations around the world. It must [...]

Take A Look At A VC’s Decision Making Tree

There are so many places to get information on angel investors and venture capitalists. I just published this article on 5 tips to find an angel investor yesterday. Countless websites offer both good and bad information on investors and what they are looking for, how to attract them, what to include in your pitch deck, [...]

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TechTips: 5 Tips To Find An Angel Investor

So you're starting a tech company. The first thing you're going to need is money right? Well right now there are millions of other people int he same boat as you. Everyone is looking for money. Thankfully there is more than one source for money for your great tech company. There's crowdfunding, venture capital, revenue [...]

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Charleston’s PeopleMatter Secures $16 Million Dollar Series E

When talking about raising capital investors seem to speak from two different sides. Some say always take the money, others say don't take the money if you don't need it. That was the situation Charleston SC software company PeopleMatter's CEO Nate DaPore was faced with when the opportunity came to raise their 5th round, or [...]

Alphabet Soup: The Largest Rounds of 2013 So Far

MobileIron, an enterprise mobility management and mobile security company, just announced that it has closed a Series F round, raising $48 million. With this raise as a prompt, we took a look at the largest rounds of 2013 so far.

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Fred Wilson Goes Back To T-Mobile And You Should Too?

Fred Wilson, the head of Union Square Ventures and the "godfather" of venture capital in New York, took to his personal blog this weekend to tell everyone he's switching back to T-Mobile. Wilson blogs about anything going on in his life at He was one of the earliest venture capitalists to use a blog [...]

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